Hotel Restaurant Refuses To Serve Ice-Cream Samples | Hotel Hell

Hotel Restaurant Refuses To Serve Ice-Cream Samples | Hotel Hell

Not a good sign if Gordon starts cleaning on arrival.

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64 Responses

  1. Hash Brownington says:


  2. Bob Tillman says:

    Am I the only one wondering what the fuss is about samples? I’m not saying it’s not stupid to put signs everywhere saying you don’t do them, but I’ve never asked for a sample of ice cream in my life (live in the UK).

    Is it an American thing?

    You don’t go into a restaurant and get a bit of pizza dough to sample – or a potato on a cocktail stick to go hmm yeah I’ll have the roast…

    • Karate Lebron says:

      In the right places you don’t have to ask, they offer. The pizza joint by my house gives you a half slice while you order.

    • SbI29 says:

      Lolz, any of you who don’t know about or think about ice cream samples must live somewhere cold

    • 64imma says:

      Bob Tillman oftentimes ice cream parlors do allow for a small sample of something, especially for new or exotic flavors. To me, there’s no reason to sample vanilla or chocolate ice cream, because everyone knows what those taste like. When a place serves a flavor called dishwasher (yes, that is a real name of a flavor I’ve seen. I tried it and it was actually really good), it makes sense to have samples.

    • ZIM, Human Of E-arth says:

      Bob Tillman
      As an American, no, it’s not an American thing. I never ask for samples, because, simply, just flat flavors and textures are the best.

    • Kitala KO says:

      You can literally get all those things you just mentioned in Costco

  3. Vedant Patel says:

    Where my guy n i n o at?

  4. micro says:

    This is a ? owl it’s sad like so it gets happy

  5. Ross Banter says:

    What restaurant/episode was this? I want to see the food they serve him.. Lol

  6. arodyanksfan says:

    When someone is called out, why not just take it and move on? Why do they have to argue it? Just fix it.

  7. La California says:

    I want frozen yogurt now..

  8. Tae Sips Tea says:

    This episode is : Season 3 Episode 5

    You’re welcome

  9. I am Always Right says:

    I once went to an ice cream shop that limited you to 2 samples. I didn’t like either of the samples I tried so I didn’t get any ice cream.

    • I am Always Right says:

      Lol you guys sound really mad that I didn’t buy any ice cream. It’s just economics. They didn’t want to give me more samples. Ice cream is really unhealthy, so if I’m going to spend my money on ice cream, I want to be sure that it’s worth the sugar.

      There are plenty of ice cream shops that give samples of whatever you wanna try where I live. I’d rather take my money somewhere else where I’m going to be confident in what I’m getting, so I left once they told me limit two samples per person. I didn’t give them shit, I just left. If that boils your blood, tell me some more because I’m thoroughly enjoying this comment section.

    • Lambo-15 Maxxedout says:

      how hard is it to choose an ice cream flavor ya douchebag.

    • Green Ninja - Gaming says:

      I’m guessing you don’t like chocolate or vanilla ice cream xD

    • YBPaladin says:

      Sean Gahan If you offer samples, be prepared for people to try and not buy

    • Heard Enough says:

      Youre the reason they have a limit dumbass lol, take samples and leave without a purchase… So say they had no limit you would be the dickhead who tries 15 flavors then walks out hahaha


    How the hell does he expect people to want his ice cream if they don’t know how it taste…..

  11. Robot Gore says:

    Dude this guy really kept throwing his wife and the locals under the bus omg “why didn’t you get that” “someone asks for a sample they all ask for samples” I mean jeesh

  12. Betr4ys says:

    *shame on you*

  13. Magic NineLives says:

    That sign LOL 😀 Also Nino would of cleaned that light

  14. Fluoride Jones says:

    *Nino is gracious with HIS samples.*

  15. Tyler McDonald says:

    “Goddamn it Daphne”

  16. Chloe Marie says:

    “It’s been up there for about 6 months….. but I didn’t know it was there”

  17. K says:

    I don’t understand why people like this ask for help from *Gordon Ramsay* but can’t even bother to clean a ceiling fan.

  18. bryal says:

    2:48 Sorry Gordon Ramsey, you might be a man who owns several top of the line, insanely busy restaurants and has worked the lines at hundreds of kitchens, but let me explain how busy our ice cream samples can be.

  19. loois says:

    “I can’t see that, it’s hard for me to see”
    “It’s been up there for about 6 months”
    I thought he couldn’t see it

  20. KagenNoTsuki says:

    Nino would have cleaned that ceiling.

    That’s not a meme comment. It’s just true the guy’s a neat freak…

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