House of Cards – Frank Underwood – The Leader We Deserve – Netflix [HD]

House of Cards – Frank Underwood – The Leader We Deserve – Netflix [HD]

America deserves Frank Underwood.

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20 Responses

  1. Adis Nukic (CaptainBosnia93) says:

    is it bad that I’ve only watch the pilot.

  2. Gorilla MC TV says:

    Frank for Prez!

  3. Shally's Kicks says:

    If you like sneakers please watch my video, thank you !

  4. Nattar Gama says:

    Does anybody know where 0:40 is from

  5. Da Mn says:

    0:40 who is she?? I don’t remember

  6. JuneMarie Liddy says:

    thanks we need someone who is active and cares for the people and doesnt
    put money first someone with high morales

  7. José Fabián Jr. says:

    Tanta humildad me confunde haha , good serie indeed!

  8. Bob Polk says:

    Holy shit this out March 4th, Daredevil on March 18th, and Batman v
    Superman of March 25! Gonna be a good month

  9. andresben10 says:

    Democracy, democracy, who wants democracy

  10. bosch says:

    FU 2016

  11. John Boyega says:

    one of 19? sure.

  12. Klint Jasa says:

    Wats happening at 0.18 ? I might have missed it.

  13. xxCappuccino says:

    Ahhhh I was waiting for the double tap on the table to close it!!!

  14. Thorbjørn says:

    “You get the leaders you deserve” guess that’s why Trump is a presidential

  15. Joel Rolston says:

    Bill and Hilary Clinton, everyone…

  16. Clifford Tindall says:

    I would really love to seem him curb stomp someone this season. That’s a
    president I could get behind.

  17. CupCake says:

    Still better than Donald Trump

  18. michael horn says:

    I would rather have Frank Underwood than any of our current candidates. :/

  19. Touching Things says:

    *If You’re Interested on my last video I touched POKER CHIPS!*

  20. PeterPetraRock says:

    Hello America, This is President John Henry Eden…