House of Cards – Season 4 – Official Trailer – Netflix [HD]

House of Cards – Season 4 – Official Trailer – Netflix [HD]

Frank and Claire continue their pursuit for power, battling everyone in their way, including each other.

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20 Responses

  1. millers3888 says:

    Can’t wait!!!

  2. Benjamin Commodore says:

    Oh my God. I’m so excited

  3. Lukas Freimonas says:

    Claire wearing these earrings is a completely different person.

  4. OBCiiNE | Mgray says:

    Love this show

  5. WOb Biggin says:

    0:36 Wtf is the re-enacter gut still doing in the show?

  6. [PL]R-iel - Quality Call Of Duty Content says:

    Neve Campbell!

  7. abdiaziz 705 says:

    Still better than donald trump

  8. Yorkieinthemill says:


  9. Ethan Rosser says:

    If Claire bangs Petrov I’m going to rage..

  10. aquartz says:

    Better Caul Saul season 2 + Quantinco & Empire return in March + House of
    cards too = no social life

  11. God says:

    I made a house of cards once, then a gust of wind blew it over. I fucking
    hate living in the clouds.

  12. NastyTracks says:

    check, check, check.

  13. Malcolm Alden says:

    There Will Be Blood! :D

  14. absolutiontheory98 says:

    House of Card season 4=Gone Girl?

  15. TypicalWill says:

    I swear house of cards is a modern day O’thello

  16. GnarlyBroMr says:

    Gonna force myself to wait a week in-between every ep

  17. Ultra Silver says:

    frank’s losing his hair xD xD

  18. MrLincren says:

    Well, Clair took away the only thing that hold Frank back, his love to her.
    Now, it will be an all out WAR. I don’t like Frank for his character but he
    will totally destroy Clair and I kinda want to see it.

  19. DC9848 says:

    Will never outdo seasons 1 & 2

  20. Nota Fart says:

    cinematography looks on point