House Organization Before and After! OMG!

House Organization Before and After! OMG!

Huge thanks to Jen and her team for all their amazing work helping me organize!


Snapchat: iJustine


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59 Responses

  1. Sk Scarlet says:

    Finally!!!!! I´m a sucker for organization, but I have not found tips to organize gadgets!!! this gives me so much inspo!!! <3 <3 Thanks.

  2. Cat Burrito says:

    a new iJustine video = *the highlight of my day*

  3. no u says:

    what is this premiere thingy

  4. Cillian O'Brien says:

    What is premier?

  5. elmin2323 says:

    Why did I get a notification for this?

  6. fonki says:

    I just got a notification for this video even tho I’m not subscribed

  7. Awesome Marshy says:

    Wow that looks great!!! Lol there is so much tech stuff

  8. Piv00t says:

    Why is this a premier? Why did i get a notification?!! PLs someone tell me??

    • William Vo Gaming says:

      Wow! This is looks like Instagram!

    • Merchiodos says:

      Ever watch a sport game live on YouTube? or a Video game event live on YouTube? Well this is the same concept and if your channel is popular enough that live video you post will trend and everyone would be able to see

    • Kevin Shah says:

      He means why did he get a notification without subscribing. Btw I too got a notification without even subscribing.

    • Ugh srsly says:

      YouTube is drunk duh you can simply just not CLICK the video 💁‍♀️

  9. Sydney Catalan says:

    I just got the notification for this video

  10. K M Queen says:

    Everyone who reads this have a good day / evening / night

  11. oathman1 says:

    Why I got notification about this I am not one of your subscribers… why ???

  12. Someday I'll Sleep Autism Vlogs says:

    I need someone who loves organizing junk drawers in my life. 🤣 Oh my gosh. When this notification came up I was in the middle of attempting to reorganize my bedroom and I needed this inspiration desperately right now.

  13. iJustine says:


  14. Concept Creator says:

    God dang that is a lot of stuff!!!! question is… how long will it stay this way hahaha

  15. Debany Aguirre says:

    I am not even subscribed to her channel….
    Why tf did I get a notification?!

  16. Nick Wylie says:

    Linus would be proud.

  17. Gammer Kate says:

    Every like I get I will ad a tomato 🍅

  18. AliveWithPassion says:

    IJustine, Wear the leather pants!👍🏼

  19. filipinofantasy says:

    Damn Justine your closet is bigger than my room

  20. ThreeFreeTrees says:

    I have 2 pairs of shoes and she has how many?!?!

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