How Can You Control Your Dreams?

How Can You Control Your Dreams?

What if there was a way to control your dreams? Let’s discuss lucid dreaming!
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91 Responses

  1. Bobby says:

    Who else would dream they could bend elements like in Avatar. That was my childhood and I still wish I was a water bender.

  2. CATALYZT says:

    Why is it when I am fighting in a dream my arms go slowly like under water

    • EBK XAM says:

      Yes I have that

    • Gustavo Arellano says:

      Same my punches feel so weak

    • Bethany Benner says:

      I think it’s like people have said above, where your brain kinda is blocking you from moving due to your real body being under paralysis.  One time I kicked really hard at something in a dream and ended up waking myself up because my leg kicked in real life 😂

    • Katarina Pratt says:

      Same, only for me it’s running, my legs move quickly, just the ground they cover while running is slower than a stroll. The only way I got out of this was when I asked someone in my dream to hold my hand, I guess a touch from an npc gave me the powers of an npc. I have since grown out of this, but for the 7 years this happened, running from psychopaths was very difficult

  3. CholeeChoco says:

    Admit it, we all would smash if you could controll your dreams

  4. Tamcat 21 says:

    Once I had a dream about the Walking dead, and my Grandma ate my bowl of spaghetti so I killed her…

    The second most weird dream happened 3 times in my life, once even on an airplane. So I was in the airplane sleeping, and I had the trippiest dream ever. I was in a blank room, so I started walking and walking, and then I fell into a hole. Irl, my feet were up in the seat as I was sleeping, and then my legs fell down same as well I fell into the hole and then it made my brain felt so weird and all dizzy. It was like a dramatic fall, because no one would just wake up and freak out and act all weird. My mom sitting beside me was acting like what the hell was happening, and the other guy beside me was like what? Lol…


    • Siopao Espiritu says:

      My dreams are always About war

      June,12 1944 When D-day landing

      I was a German machine gunner at first it is just like playing games but when I realised my MG-42 was overheating I told my friend (loader)
      To request for reinforcements but a Sniper shot him down and after an hour enemy ships arrived Then They rain down Shells on us
      We we’re requesting air support from Luftwaffe but Denied Because there bombing Britain About an hour later The allied Breached the first
      Fortification and that fortification is just 50 meters away from us Then suddenly Shells rain down from above when I get out of the bunker
      I ran into the Trench is fast as I could and ( I forgot this part )…………………………The ending is the most Frightening part when I hide into the bunker then I heard an American soldier into the Munition room of the bunker is was in the front There were two doors between me
      I don’t know what to choose because if make my mistake my life is at stake Then…….. Suddenly the American soldier gunned me
      That is the most intense part while I was bleeding I killed him with my STG 44 and when I wake I thought I was in a hospital ohh
      I forgot it’s Saturday the end

    • Caithlin says:

      I keep having a Trippy reoccurring dream but the kicker is that it’s reoccurring because it’s lucid and every time I explore the same place trying to find answers as to why I made this place appear and what the significance is. I do it like once a month come back to the same place try to figure it out and I’m inching ever closer to the answer at least I feel like in the dream but the passage of time is almost in real time while I sit around or walk around exploring the place. It’s really really trippy

    • Lol A Person says:

      I have extremely weird dreams. Once i dreamt that caliou (i forgot how to spell his name) was upset because he couldnt go to school cuz his teacher wasnt there. Turns out his teacher became a sloth, decided to live underground beneath an oak tree. She was going to eat garlic/onion, but then i realised that there was like two-four computers in the room? And then apparently it became a secret agent hideout. Then a person on a computer was monitoring two short male, with yellow hair and beard in a tutu agrueing with each other with one screamingat the other to stop copying them. Then something about a red car. I woke up, and while i dont remember all of it, this dream most be one of my wierdest…

    • Pyrotechnics 8 says:

      Did 911 feelsbadman

    • OVP Bryce says:

      Tamcat 21 i jumped off a 2,000 foot cliff onto a bed

  5. Noah van der Molen says:

    I once was a lucid dreamer apparently, I could control everything I wanted it to be like explained at 1:56but that was when I was like 8 years old, now I’m 16 years old but I haven’t been able to control my dreams for quite some time now.
    The weird part is that I don’t even know that I’m dreaming now, I just go to sleep and I suddenly wake up.
    I really want to have this ability again that would be so cool 😮

  6. shawn gately says:

    I want to dream about pasta tonight. Specifically my boss being choked with a piece of angel hair while I nibble on ramen sitting in a chair made from Penni pasta…and it will all be whole grain.

  7. Traphat says:

    I had a dream that was super realistic I got him by a car in my dream and when I woke up I was in a hospital from being hit by a car… wait a minute

  8. Alkmi says:

    What of the real world is a dream and our dreams are real?

  9. EFEEK plays says:

    Sometimes when my lucid dream is scary I can continue dreaming or I can wake up

    • Angel D says:

      EFEEK plays same

    • Skull_Kid says:

      I dream about zombies a lot like that’s all I have ever dreamed about so there all nightmares when I’m to scared I end up going in a corner in a ball and when zombies kill me I wake up so I can’t wake up before the scary stuff happens last one was zombie clown at a abandoned theme park.

  10. Catastro Phika says:

    I’m gonna dream about..

    Jake Paul go into a volcano.

  11. Grant Chapman says:

    I would step into a time machine and go to tomorrow and see if the things I experience/see actually happens in real life

    • KJVII says:

      Grant Chapman would be the same as you imagining what would happen tomorrow, especially if you’re controlling the dream

    • Donuts4TW says:

      Grant Chapman just imagine what you’re going to do tomorrow, it’s most likely going to be another ordinary day it’s not too hard to picture

  12. This Side Up! Box_man says:

    Has anyone else had a very realistic dream than woke up the next day, but the next time you went to sleep the dream continued where you left off? It happened to me and was awesome. (I dreamed that the world was being taken over by aliens)

    • Mashqurul I chowdhury says:

      This’s happened to me I was taking care of my baby bro and for some unreal reason I threw him out of the window and then I was being scolded by my mom then I woke up scared and got through my whole day thinking about that dream and then at night i went back to sleep and my dream continued and then I was still being scolded by my mom but this time she did it harder and so on.Maybe it happened to bot of us because we were thinking about the dream the dream the whole day and i know you don’t have time to read this.

    • Red Satoshi says:

      For me, I got it continued after 1 year.

    • vzlw says:

      this happens to me all the time and i dont know why

    • Louis Stout says:

      I had that same dream premise with the aliens,it was also sort of a lucid dream because I was 8 and was driving a car in it, but since I didn’t know how they actually worked aside from the wheel and pedal, I didn’t know in the dream either and crashed it

    • Louis Stout says:

      Also if anyone know sappy the dummy from goosebumps, I had a multiple year phase where he’d shoe up like twice a week in my dreams on average, I was scared to go to sleep because if it wasn’t him, it would usually be some other freakish character

  13. Isaac The Destroyer of Stuped says:

    I don’t try to lucid dream, as everytime I do, I experience a lucid niɡhtmare as I sleep, and when I wake up, I have sleep paralysis. It’s absolutely terrifyinɡ.

    • Dank Legend27 says:

      Every time I realize I’m dreaming, I wake up with sleep paralysis but I don’t get the spooky effect

    • Lilitha11 says:

      Keep in mind that while in a state of sleep paralysis, it will end instantly if anyone does something that would normally wake you. So for example, if you are experiencing sleep paralysis and someone pokes you, it will end right away. You might see, or hear weird things while experiencing sleep paralysis, but there is no reason to worry. It is all in your mind. Your body isn’t any more defenseless than you are while normally asleep. Think about that and it might reduce how uneasy you feel.

    • TT Jonesworth says:

      I’ve never had sleep paralysis, and my lucid dreams have never turned into anything… I wish I could lucid dream but sleep paralysis, no matter how normal and non-threatening it is, still horrifies me. The idea of me waking up and barely even being aware of my surroundings while seeing a horrible figure or nightmare and not being able to do anything about it is horrible, even if it’s all in my mind.

    • Moon Hacker says:

      Isaac The Destroyer of Stuped same

    • Adrianis Afox says:

      same here bro

  14. PUT ME IN SMASH BROS. AGAIN!!! says:

    One time I was dreaming I was a donut….

    Ate myself but I didn’t knew I was delicious

  15. Drigglesnork says:

    i think its obvious what people would dream about

    a big tiddy goth mommy gf

    i dont have one tho goodnight

  16. YoniIsrael says:

    in my dream iv’e dreamed that i had control over my dreams
    this is what happened when you go to sleep after watching inception
    but then i woke up and realized that iv’e never watched inception because this movie never came out
    and then i woke up again and wrote this comment

  17. xPrime Vortex says:


    warned you

  18. Lawrence McCrae says:

    An alpaca bit me and screamed “Arooooo!”

  19. spicy dad says:

    anyone watching this before they go to sleep?

  20. Lotus says:

    I barely get sleep so…

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