how did they mess up the superbowl halftime show

how did they mess up the superbowl halftime show

how could this have happened
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how did they mess up the superbowl halftime show so badly?

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85 Responses

  1. Gus Johnson says:

    quickest meme in the west

    seriously though wtf guys this was so easy

    • Ryan Guimond says:

      I was there, spongebob was on the jumbo tron.

    • BananaPhoPhilly says:

      Gus Johnson It wouldn’t fit in the allotted time for the show. They probably already had it planned. It’s not as simple as you might thing. That being said, what they did was such a terrible cock tease

    • henkdachief says:

      i get that the superbowl is like a big final sports game but other than that i understand nothing about this skit – what is sweet victory and isnt sponged bob a horrile kidsshow from the 2000s? who are the boys acting as? and whats the joke?

    • Super? says:

      +henkdachief horrible bait

    • Julian MJK says:

      Holy shit the arcades in the background! This ain’t your place innit Gus?

  2. Lanz Leong says:

    Man the Superbowl Halftime went from “bold and brash” to “belongs in the trash” real quick.

  3. Mikey Adams says:

    Super bowl is unfair
    Sicko mode was played there
    Spongebob is a legend
    Who suffered great oppression

  4. Robert Moore says:

    NFL really be like “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma”

  5. soliD nolliD says:

    Literally the only reason I was watching the Superbowl for and they blew it.

  6. Starli says:

    The Halftime show was unfair!
    The Super Bowl execs are in there!
    Standing by the concession,
    plotting their oppression!

  7. TheJewelTheory says:

    *Maroon 0*

  8. Yoshimaniac says:

    should of played sicko mode at the end

  9. Payon de says:

    This was so disgraceful. Possibly one of the worst trade deals in history, probably ever. Sad!

  10. It's Bishop says:

    Wait. You’re telling me that Squidward’s marching band DIDNT play Sicko Mode in that episode of spongebob???

  11. Nathan Remotigue says:

    They basically Rick rolled us with sicko mode and there wasn’t even a hint irony or self awareness

  12. Hulie says:

    the fact that they used it as the prelude to sicko mode smh

    • WAΓUIGI says:

      +KSI Neddy yep, now he’s coming in with the “weed makes you stupid” shit. look out everyone, retarded incel coming through being unlovable because he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, but it turns out being incredibly uncool and unpopular doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smart. it just means no one likes you, because you’re a fucking annoying nerd with a superiority complex.

    • Sully Jelly says:

      +KSI Neddy ok, soy boy. That’s exactly wat a soyboy would say

    • Wall Fork says:

      Hulie better than nothing imo

    • Phil L says:

      +KSI Neddy mumble rap and Travis Scott don’t belong in the same sentence.. just because your redneck ass can’t understand the bars doesn’t mean he’s mumbling

    • Phil L says:

      +WAΓUIGI yeet

  13. SimplyCanadian says:

    Let’s make the Superbowl halftime show the most disliked video history.

    • Gold Gate says:

      @Mohsen Hussain That’s false, they had all the time and money to include Sweet Victory they had the rights and a deal with Nickelodeon to air a clip…BUT Travis wanted to be in it and messed up the timing so then some dip shit thot they could just shorten the best part to fit in Travis who no one asked for

    • KSI Neddy says:

      Mohsen Hussain tribute? No, it was a ploy to keep us in to continue to watch. I’ll bet you $500 none of those dick fucks even know who Stephen Hillenburg is. Those cucks all saw what we wanted and capitalized on it. Sure they weren’t obligated to do such a thing, but they did and in the process they shit on 2 generations for snagging 3 seconds of an iconic episode to prelude sicko mode, made by a mumble rapping shit head

    • Marko Djordjevic says:

      +Mohsen Hussain People wanted them to play sweet victory. Literally anything would work as long as they play it. They could play the clip or sing it themselves. Nobody asked for them to introduce sicko mode with fucking Squidward. They definitely just wanted people to keep watching.

    • Doctor Badass says:

      +Mohsen Hussain Let me guess. Bot or false account?

    • One Dixie Cup Just For You says:

      +Mohsen Hussain Nice bait

  14. Nathorix says:

    You made this quickly.

  15. Dolan Dark says:

    You really went sicko mode with this video

  16. Donut Operator says:

    God I love you guys

  17. Sharon Acevedo-Cicala says:


  18. Jade Wukong says:

    Good thing I was ready to be disappointed and didn’t bother watching

  19. Frosty14748 says:

    Maroon 5, we offered you friendship and you spat in our faces.

  20. Jacob Hewett says:

    This makes it sound way better than it actually was, the NFL had people “leak” the Spongebob shots, Maroon 5 snuck a frame of Spongebob into their announcement, and then they had an actual new (albeit shitty Flash animation) clip of the moment from Spongebob… and then they used it to introduce Travis Scott, who was almost completely muted because he kept swearing and who’s NEVER getting invited back to the Superbowl.

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