How Disneyland Gets Ready For The Holidays

Whistle while you work.

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Lynn Chen

Deck The Halls 8-Bit
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.


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20 Responses

  1. ☣ BioHazard Gaming ☣ says:

    I prefer Legoland but whatever.

  2. ROHAN SHARMA says:

    I’m guessing you guys haven’t seen New York during the Christmas time. This
    tree is puny compared to NY

  3. the trickster says:

    going on Sunday!!

  4. tearsfrombluesky says:

    Going to Disneyland for Thanksgiving. I am so excited!

  5. dancingintherainish says:


  6. Phantom Hope says:

    I’d probably be the asshat who tries to tip the tree over

  7. jepoy fern says:

    Why is this asian’s face annoying

  8. JR DUGAL says:

    Is it true if you behave bad Sinterklaas grabs you and throws you in a bag
    and ships you to Spain? :(

  9. T Prime says:

    disney hated jews and im sure muslims too…….so no decorations for you
    non christian american scum…lol

  10. Angelica O says:

    aw, my grandpa treated the whole family a trip to Disney World as a
    Christmas present. we were there for New Years. kinda sucks that i was so
    young (6 y/o) i barely remember :(

  11. MenSnow wanna you do Build A says:

    Where’s the food?

  12. PawsLikeABoss says:

    Purrrfect, I’ll be going there for Christmas this year! Can’t waitttt

  13. 0363jack says:

    the tree is big as the colossal titan

  14. The Red Layer says:

    How Disneyland Gets Ready For The Holidays???
    More like show “Nothing but a giant Christmas tree while some useless
    commentator says the dead obvious and they give you TWO facts that do not
    pertain to the tree”. And it just tells you the number of lights… Yay. My
    life is so enlightened now (haha). Nope.

  15. Brennon Lewis says:

    sick of all this Christmas shit! where is thanksgiving commercial and tv

  16. Bethany Schoonover says:

    This makes me want to go to Disneyland! :)

  17. Naomi Simon says:

    Many people are talking about thanksgiving.. But in my country isn’t there
    a thanksgiving.. We have another holiday called: sinterklaas. 

  18. chickenslice86 says:

    Disney is probably the last place I’d want to be around Christmas time. NY
    is the way to go

  19. Reagan Mckeever says:

    I don’t like this girl, she really annoys me

  20. AProudCatLover says:

    Wow thats one bigass tree xD