How fearless minions are in ANY video game.

How fearless minions are in ANY video game.

Basically how fearless minions are in any tv show, movie, or game LOL

King Kaiyo – Melodic
Oddwin – 19

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  1. Thiji says:

    “You can literally lay down on the ground and play dead.”

    *thinks back to the “Villains that always kill their subordinates” video*

    Oh, yeah. It’s all coming together.

  2. Nec Robin says:

    A wonder those minions haven’t killed each other already in a “No, I’m stronger than you”-fight

  3. Ct rulu says:

    Me: *cleared out the whole bandit camp *

    last bandit after seeing all his friends die: “i fought mudcrabs stronger than you!”

  4. Aaron Nikels says:

    For those who have played the Batman Arkham series, this is sooo true 😂😂

    Arkham gang where you at

    • Dragonball World says:

      Random thug: *sees like 30 thugs laying on the ground around Batman*
      Also Random thug: YOU’RE GOING DOWN BATMAN

  5. Lighten Up Highlights says:

    Minion: I’ll beat anybody in this B****
    5 Sec later: “Your punches are astounding”

  6. KhoPhi says:

    “I fought each of them, CONSECUTIVELY”
    As if that detail matters!

  7. Khajyeet says:

    Minion: Has dedicated his life to protect his family

    Has gone through multiple milestones and achievements in his life

    Went to school for 18 years

    Trained to fight for 5 years

    *goes to battle*

    Minion: _Alright, this is my first day, I have come so far to reach where I am now! I shall defeat the enemy and bring glory to my family, my home and to everyo-_

    Main Character: ᵖᵘⁿᶜʰ


    • Tony Robinson says:

      @Michael Williams u just made me wanna rewatch the whole aot series AGAIN

    • ExtremeGod ofHate says:

      @grape China citizens go to hell

    • BeWaRe Jay says:

      RoadRoller You were talking about Pokémon right

    • Jackson Miller says:

      Chris M in sniper elite 4 on German soldiers you can find letters that right back they don’t want to fight this pointless war anymore. This was an issue in Germany though what people don’t get is most of the enlisted were forced the high command deserved a painful horrible death and some of the enlisted also enjoyed it but most of them were forced to fight or their families die. It was no better for the Germans than it was for the allies. I’m in no way a nazi sympathizer though nazis deserved to die.

    • Reese man19 says:

      Think about war too. Imagine lasting throughout an entire war but you get killed a day before it’s over

  8. MultiVerse MT says:

    *Lvl. 100 Player*
    *Lvl. 1 Minion*
    Me: Bro just walk away.

    Minion: *THROE THEM HANDS!!!*

    Also me: *…*

  9. Bite Za Warudo says:

    Rex: *Defeats God
    Random Guard: “dOn’T fOrGeT mE!”

  10. Sir Dominus Lamont says:

    I want a game where minions say “Oh?! scrap” when they see me.

  11. VenomBeetle Rowl says:

    Minion: I’ll think i’ll just go
    Player: Finally

  12. Zion Weeks says:

    Yo how does this man be punching himself so realistically?😭 His arm is coming from literally the reverse direction his body is facing but his fist comes straight at his face from like 2 ft. away. That lowkey gotta take practice prolly lol

  13. Keke Warrior says:

    Dragonborn: *Literally kills dragons, trolls, and elves for a living*

    Some thief: “Give me your money if you don’t want to end up dead”

  14. Kemosabe James says:

    Kratos: literally kills ZEUS

    Magni and Modi: aye run that fade real quick

    • Ahmar Camacho says:

      They didnt know though…

    • Milton Marques says:

      They probably didn’t even know who Zeus was, let alone knowing Kratos killed him.

    • VanTagePoinT91 VTP says:

      They didn’t know who Kratos was they thought he was a giant lol

    • Eric Walt says:

      Magni: “He’s in the way. Let’s kill him.”

      Modi: “Nah bruh I’m good I’m gonna attack the kid though”

      Atreus: “Huh?”

      Modi: “Hey kid”

      Atreus: “What?”

      Modi: “YA MOMS THO”

      Atreus: *stab*

      Modi: “oh naw”

  15. Lord Mineta says:

    Batman: I just broke fifteen arms, shattered like ten spinal chords, destroyed around fourteen knee cap, throat punched at least fourth five people, paralyzed like at least thirty people from the waist or even neck down, jumped on them from the sky and bashed fifty faces probably against the ground to break their face, AND beat the fuck out of all the major and minor villains in Gotham.

    Goons and Thugs: *Get the Bat! We’re going to end you! You’re not going anywhere!*

  16. steckaman says:

    – He killed literal actual alive healthy 202 people just literally today…!!

    -Hey, hey what are we?

    – We’re muggers…

    -So letz go mugging…!!

  17. teetheluchador says:

    “We created him to kill armies” “but this small elite team of minions with electric guns can definitely kill him”

  18. Unlegendary Koala says:

    Caleb: There are 201 bodies out there including your boss

    The last minion: They ain’t me though

  19. Mex says:

    Honestly this is what i sometimes wonder in games “When do they implement a fear system? What if beat 30 of the henchman, the 5 elite bosses, the right handed man, destroy their 3 hidden bases AND kill boss and they all drop to the ground when they see me?”.

    Kinda like in Doom where you destroy hell like 4 times, kill the Icon of Sin, kill the Master Demon Brain thing and kill over 10000 demons but yet they keep coming.

    • Tufty 13 says:

      I think Shadow of Mordor has a similar mechanic of fear. Troops of a captain will run away from you if you kill the captain. And if you have a big army, sometimes captains will just run away from you.

  20. Some One 愛 says:

    *Minion witnesses the main character kill literal Gods and demon lords*

    *Minion: hey you give me everything you have before I kill you*

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