How Green Screen Worked Before Computers

How Green Screen Worked Before Computers – – For those of us who grew up in the age of CGI, green screen is just “a thing that computers do”. But how did effects like this work before the age of pixels? With the help of some suitably shiny graphics, here’s a quick summary.

Thank you to Matt Gray – – – for sterling work getting the camera and lighting right!

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20 Responses

  1. Matt Bishop says:

    He’s like a lil’ Brit’ish Bud Bundy. lel, what are you, like 4 foot 15?

  2. Seto Tran says:

    Optical Illusion- 1:00 stare into his eyes- until 1:05- 3d Tom Scott. who
    wouldnt want that.

  3. Anthony Smith says:

    Cool vid

  4. technosasquatchfilms says:

    you forgot about methods like introvision

  5. Brandon McDaniel says:

    Imagine making 2001 a space odyssey 

  6. krishna kishor bhat says:

    Love it, superb video Tom. 

  7. iEddy DCUO says:

    Very nicely explained. Well done. :)

  8. Andy Peterson says:

    What a jerk 

  9. Ben Mossman says:

    Yea easy on the “click the buttons and settings and the greenscreen is
    gone” pal. It takes a lot more work than that. 

  10. schulmaster says:

    How do you know so much interesting information? Your CS background alone
    must have taken mad years to accumulate, plus all this culturally relevant

  11. Adolf Hitler says:

    I want you to read me a book. 

  12. C00m7ee says:

    Does after effect make the effect in much the same way?

  13. Dorothy Holbrook says:

    Thanks. I now have a blue after the show guy. It dissapeared quick. That
    was cool.

  14. Nui Sance says:

    So many IGNORANT comments saying that due to technology, there’s no
    remaining talent or jobs. There are PLENTY OF JOBS, TECHNOLOGY HAS OPENED A
    STUPID AND ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS to have needless amounts of jobs and
    wasted lives to do tasks that a computer programmer can do in 1 hour.

  15. Tobias Kaatz says:

    *greenscreen without computers*

    … very interesting indeed.

  16. J'zargo Baratheon says:

    Ok I’m lost

  17. Starius2 says:

    He called himself “some jerk” Half Life 3 confirmed!

  18. Zumun says:

    …and that’s something you might not have known.

  19. Russell Van Tassell says:

    Well done, well explained – though you speak a little quickly. Good stuff,

  20. Kaffeebohnson says:

    I am not sure if I understood everything that was going on… I kinda got
    the film one, but you lost me at the TV explanation. I think I need some
    more graphs and pictures to really get it XD