How Kamikaze Pilots Created This Absurd Car Style | Bumper 2 Bumper

How Kamikaze Pilots Created This Absurd Car Style | Bumper 2 Bumper

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What did Kamikaze airplane pilots who survived WWII do when they got back home? Well, they created one of the coolest most badass and unique car cultures ever! They evolved a unique style that transcended from fashion and motorcycles to cars … this is the story of Bosozoku car culture.

Huge thanks to the Moonlight Runners for lending us their sick Toyota Cressida Bosozoku car.
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68 Responses

  1. Nicotine says:

    Perfect for snow plowing

  2. Yoan Fernanda says:

    In Japan, owner of cars like this always had pompadour Jojo-like hairstyle, wearing Sukajan jacket, and always says “OORRRAAAAA….. “

  3. Genevo9 says:

    Holy DownForce! Would hate the cost to replace that Lip Yo! lol

  4. 3/8 Productions says:

    That is the most insane splitter I’ve ever seen ?

  5. Herbie Husker says:

    That car looks like it could flip pancakes off of the road.

  6. mexican stig says:

    And i thought the super silouhette skyline splitter was agressive af

  7. Drummerboy_MikeD says:

    The speaker is barely worth the 65% off.

  8. Layne Farquhar says:

    I bet that there fancy shmancy exhaust gives that there thing 6000% more hrsprs

  9. szomorú tearex says:

    finally, someone touching on the subject with deep care and introducing this style to a lot of people who are new to the community, without just flat out saying haha ricer epic

    Thank You.

    • I eat children in the age of four says:

      I mean, you propably wouldn’t fuck it anyway, so what’s the deal

    • Raisin says:

      Tbh I’m not a huge fan of Bosozoku but I still respect it. And it ain’t just haha ricer epic.

    • C J says:


    • Chacho B. says:

      Untill they put In some work inside that engine bay that shit is rice. Those Japanese boys put some work into their engines.

    • Dakota Dewolf says:

      Right? JDM car culture gets lumped up a lot with different sub genres being mis-understood, especially when half the cars they modify never even came here. Good to see Donut doing right by that.

      —- Side note for clarification if anyone was wondering about Kyusha and Shakotan styles —-Neither are inherently Boso. Bosozoku cars are often Kyushas, which most directly translates to a classic car, and most are Shakotans, which translates to street scraper or “slammed”. Not all Boso cars are kyushas or Shakotans and only a small percentage of Shakotans and Kyusha are Bosozokus.

  10. Shawn Ritchie says:

    30ft. is a little over 9 meters. Love the videos. Keep m coming!

    • The G Ster Productions says:

      +ConLee a little over 3ft

    • ConLee says:

      The G Ster Productions ah. I wish America just used the metric system. I hate these type of confusions

    • Omar T says:

      +ConLee we did, in the 1980’s, guess what that did, it fucked everything up, some things got adopted and others got mixed to hell, there’s 2 Liter bottles next to gallon drinks at the grocery store, the nutrition facts labels on the back of food products is a mixture of Imperial and Metric bullshit on the same label, don’t even get me started on lumber and how chaotic that’s going to get if we went full blown metrification in the construction industry, that’s what my dad does for a living. im a mechanic, and im having to have double the amount of tools you guys have just to work on the same stuff, but atleast if a 13mm bolt begins to strip, i just use a 1/2in socket on it.

    • Mykel Hardin says:

      +ConLee 3ft = 1yard not 1 meter

    • Viktor Benjegård says:

      1 yard is .9 meters
      1 foot .3 meters

  11. Roudrick Hassan says:

    Hey, anyone know the minimalist Track at the backgrounds?

  12. Fenno Graas says:

    Most people: I need a straight short pipe for 2 extra horses
    Bosozoku people: let’s make a weird looking exhaust pipe because art

  13. fencingboy 101 says:

    Bosuzoku Scirocco. Make it real James. You know you want to.

    • fencingboy 101 says:

      +NintendoGeek26 you still start fights with strangers on the internet cause they have slightly different opinions tho. that’s pretty friggin homosexual so i think that means all your points are moot

    • fencingboy 101 says:

      +Darrell Myers he really do don’t he

    • fencingboy 101 says:

      +DJ BIS this @NintendoGeek26 fella actually sippin stoopid juice

    • NintendoGeek26 says:

      +Darrell Myers lol ok. You do what you want, just don’t call it bosozoku or zokusha if it ain’t. I’m just trying to shine light of what Bosozoku or Zokusha actually is. There is creativity but also a template like in any other car scene. (Grachan, Kaido Racer, Chibaragi, Silhouette, Haiso)

    • JkTheBoss says:

      Alex Davies ok, that I didn’t know… Thanks!!

  14. Ankur Singh says:

    Bumper to Bumper ,more like SPLITER TO BUMBER

  15. Ronald Macdonald says:

    This car: Exists
    Speed bumps: *evil Patrick face*

  16. Person Man Man says:

    Editing is leveling up so fast, and James Pumphrey is excellent as usual

  17. Anthony Smith says:

    May not be everyone’s style or taste but you have to appreciate the work that went into it.

  18. James Power says:

    New favourite episode, the only thing we were missing was POP UP UP AND DOWN HEADLIGHTS

  19. Didn't come up whit a good name says:

    Its so beautiful.. i absolutely love the bosozoku style <3

  20. HAN STARKILLER says:

    I was driving my AE86

    Now it became Kamikaze and i’m tearing my streets

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