How Mexico beat Germany 1-0 to kick off their 2018 World Cup | ESPN FC

How Mexico beat Germany 1-0 to kick off their 2018 World Cup | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew breaks down how Mexico beat Germany 1-0 to open up their 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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97 Responses

  1. SourPunch Playz says:


    • Trollol Police says:

      Dr. Know leaving your home country because u cant fix it is for bitches.

    • AJ says:

      Trollol Police you’re just mad the USA didn’t qualify lmao

    • Trollol Police says:

      AJ one thing i dont get about u burrito munchers is u wave the mexican flag, u play your accordion music loud, yet u dont want to live in mexico? U say the US is racist yet here u are. U love everything about mexico except living their lmao. Your just confused people.

    • Gavina Reyes says:

      Orale ese

    • Angel Rivera says:

      Trollol Police go cheer for africa fat porch monkey and who says that people that comment on youtube saying viva mexico dont live in mexico dumb piece of shit lay off the burritos fat piece of shit

  2. Abraham Hernandez says:

    Where’s that drunk Scottish loser at now. Last time he kept screaming at these two guys and even talked about playing with the big boys when he is a small fry

    • Longis Cadenotas says:

      Do they give a trophy for qualifying for the WC? it doesn’t matter, even a tie can be a reason to celebrate

    • Longis Cadenotas says:

      angela meynell did you see the face of the German players after the match,. yes their was sadness

    • LiftedSlayer says:

      EviLEddy you’re completely wrong because after the match the English pundits were saying that germany didn’t the game seriously, their exact words were they “they didn’t show Mexico enough respect” which is the same thing. So I think you should apologise to the lady because she is right and you are wrong

    • EviLEddy says:

      LiftedSlayer Don’t ever question Germany’s effort, they played their asses off. That being said, teams NEVER half ass games in a world cup. Its every 4 years. Its the reason 100% of the players playing this sport live for. Don’t tell me that Germany “Didnt take this seriously” Give Mexico the credit they are due.

    • LiftedSlayer says:

      EviLEddy lol wrong again, her argument isn’t about if Germany actually took it seriously or not, its about wether the biased British pundits gave Mexico the credit they deserved – which they didn’t

  3. Adrián Ponce says:


  4. Bang Muay Thai Ninja says:

    vela, chuky and chicharito were too much for germany and will be for any team!

  5. Antonio Kalifa says:

    Lol you guys are joke, Osorio so good, Lozano was man of the match, and Gallardo played a perfect game…. come on

    • Raul Gonzalez says:

      EviLEddy It’s fine to be passionate and thanks for your respectful reply. All I’m saying is there’s no need to act as is if you won it all already with one good performance. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo had the best performance in the world cup thus far but it was the first game and didn’t act as if he won the world cup already after showing Spain that they’re just as capable at winning this year. I’m sure he’ll go wild and crazy once they make the final.

    • Raul Gonzalez says:

      Manny Corona Great! notice I never said anything against Mexico’s performance. All I’m saying is the celebration was a little too much. The bench players was spilling water after the game and fans are acting as if they had won the world cup already. It’s a different mentality once knockout stage come by. It separates the great teams from the good teams. Mexico should use this game as a confidence builder moving forward but not get too excited about this game and end up losing focus/ over-celebrating for this one performance.

    • Oscar Hernandez says:

      Cristian Ortiz Fuck USA

    • hardkore360 says:

      Antonio Kalifa FAX 😂😂😂

    • Jose Lopez says:

      Raul Gonzalez they didn’t beat Spain though, did they? I don’t know if you understand how passionate Mexicans are about the national team. No one expected the team to beat Germany, but we believed. Germany, the current WC champions, the clear favorites to when it again. The Germany that has a near 30% chance to win it. And don’t try downplay this accomplishment saying they played bad or were having a bad day. They looked great. They played their game but were shut down. Any mistakes they made, Mexico provoked them because you know damn sure it hurt them to be down in a world cup for 60 minutes. This group was supposed to be an easy 9 points for them.

  6. alexgatillofull says:

    It was a very good game!

  7. Mario García says:

    Suck it Craig Burley

  8. Danny Marquez says:

    Gallardo 6?? Personally he had his side on lock down

  9. hugo martinez says:

    Remember me??? Hello! Lmao. Just stay confident but not to much. Let’s get 3 wins

  10. Juan Carlos Osorio says:

    Vamos por la copa

  11. Aaron Lee says:

    Mexico was just too fast for Germany.

    • Al Mostafa says:

      Aaron Lee Germany struggle against teams with pace. That’s why they drew with Ghana in 2014. Hummels is too slow.

  12. Brayan Ranjel says:

    These two Mexican dudes are just fools. Take the win as a win, no one likes cynical Mexican fans.

  13. Miguel Valencia says:

    These two seem like teenagers lmao

  14. Dr Ztar says:

    Gallardo was amazing. Tf wrong with yall.

  15. f r EH - d ee V says:

    The two Hispanic guys knock Mexico and the Caucasian guy sticks up for Mexico. Parallel universe.

  16. Cotton Tower says:

    El idiota a la izquierda es una idiota. Burro. Adelante Mexico. Bueno por CONCACAF. Viva. Que Burro.

  17. Jeffry says:

    Lol, this what happens when you sleep on Mexico.

    • KingCantona14 says:

      Mexico is still ass. Senegal beat France in 2002. How did their world cup run turn out again?

    • marc.dodo.Ernst official EP.thebest says:

      Je suis grenouille no they not they couldn’t beat Germany it’s because Germany was sleeping on them but when Germany wake up it was to late Germany would fuck em up like they got ter stegen Toni and alot of other good players they won’t have a chance

    • AJ says:

      marc.dodo.Ernst official EP.thebest excuses excuses excuses, stfu lol

    • marc.dodo.Ernst official EP.thebest says:

      AJ wym excuses im not German im saying that because ik what Germany is capable of I’m a Portugal and Brazil fan I’m not a German I’m not hating I’m saying that cuz ik Germany is a good team

    • BackwardMist says:

      KingCantona14 that was in the past…

  18. Tony Hemetona says:

    Mexico getting all 9 points in the group stage

  19. TheCorvallisBoys says:

    Espn has garbage staff . They don’t know soccer

  20. Guy Fisher says:

    Those mexicans reporters are joke… Gallardo was their best defensive player that game..

    • hardkore360 says:

      Anthony Ruvalcaba hating on Mexico because their belived USMNT is sitting at home watching MEXICO defeat the returning champions

    • hardkore360 says:

      Scarface Pnut bro, Chuky had 1 touch in the box, and 1 goal, thats efficient, Chicha had many chances abd could not close, Chucky over Chicha anyday

    • Scarface Pnut says:

      hardkore360 chicha sucks, he’s not a good player anymore, all his passes are bad passes with the exception of the goal pass. Jimenez is much more skillful don’t understand why the trainer doesn’t start him instead of chicha. Not hating but that’s the truth, I give chicha an A for effort but he has terrible passing and dribbling skills.

    • Hector Castillo says:

      I think salcedo might have done a bit better at defending but yea Gallardo did not get enough credit for how fearless he played he even stoped a cross with his face lol and keep in mind that his not even a defender he playes in the middle left wing so it was amazing to see him adapt so quick as well

    • MrFishdixd says:

      Played well but Salcedo was the best defender on the day.

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