How Not To Get Stuck In Traffic

How Not To Get Stuck In Traffic

Some tips on how to minimize traffic!
Special thanks to Toyota for supporting this video.


Written by Rachel Salt

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Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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Traffic video:

Understanding Road Usage Patterns in Urban Areas

When robots rule the roads

Traffic jams without bottlenecks—experimental evidence for the physical mechanism of the formation of a jam;jsessionid=31309AD36195EE40441529B1943023E3.ip-10-40-2-73

I am a better driver than you think: examining self-enhancement for driving ability

Research into casues and manifestations of aggression in car driving

Modelling Traffic Flow with Constant Speed using the Galerkin Finite Element Method

Hierarchical Routing in Traffic Using Swarm-Intelligence

In attempt to break gridlock, Los Angeles becomes first city to synchronize every streetlight.

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20 Responses

  1. Paul D says:

    You lost evryone at “Drive Slower”

  2. TJ Mercer says:

    Cheap plug for Toyota. C’mon guys ..

  3. Mohammed AlSadoon says:

    lil peace of advice: always use Google maps before driving to check the
    best and least crowded route. If you already doing so, you are awesome and
    you should like this comment for no reason. If you aren’t using it and
    planning to use it, like this comment cuz you are about to be awesome ?

  4. Aree Walker says:

    go add my snap @areewalker ??

  5. Uncle Mundy says:

    if i catch a bus where im from i’d get stabbed lol

  6. Hunter Broden says:

    don’t drive,how to not get cyberbullied don’t go on the internet

  7. jalene150 says:

    I wish that Chicago would do the same thing as Hollywood with the street
    lights. Traffic here is pure bs. Every single day of the year.

  8. Daily Foodie says:

    In city driving people turning right at a light and having to stop for
    pedestrians and people blocking intersections is a pain point. People
    merging on freeways is another reason.

  9. Nils Cassiers says:

    2:14 I live in Belgium and I have never heard of “Block Driving”

  10. Void - says:

    Step 1: Download waze
    Step 2: Enjoy ;)

  11. Arsal Khurram says:

    Step 1: Highlight the title
    Step 2: press ALT + F4

  12. Krisna k says:

    I saw an accident where 6 cars hit each other bumper to bumper because they
    were all following too closely. It was hilarious seeing them all standing
    outside their cars pondering how his could have possibly happened!

  13. dogs101o says:

    I hate the new image for comments.

  14. Gina Vought says:

    my dad works at TRMI tokairika michigan

  15. Monster of Luckiness says:

    For Canada: Corolla Hatch
    For US: Still a Scion…

  16. swSephy | Sim Racing says:

    I just use my jetpack.

  17. Zelephos says:

    Will Self Driving Cars solve this problem Asapscience since it is prone to
    happen from human error?

  18. DragonKazooie89 says:

    As my dad always says, “leave earlier!”

  19. Supe says:

    it seems like every traffic problem is caused by some jackass going the
    same speed as the car in the other lane. just get over.

  20. Zachary Little says:

    Oh no, Toyota is going to be the Audible of ASAPScience.