How One Escaped Slave Changed The American Civil War Forever

How One Escaped Slave Changed The American Civil War Forever


Ethan Hunt has six movies and he wasn’t even real. Where’s the Hollywood love for Robert Smalls?

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20 Responses

  1. Lord Thorneycroft says:

    2 intros, why?

  2. MrJohnycomelately21 says:

    He also bought his master’s old house and let the former lady of the house
    live there in her dotage. What. A. Dude.

  3. Dick Santorum says:

    bet you ten bucks this title changes. Current title: How One Escaped Slave
    Changed The American Civil War Forever. New title…The Real Life Badass
    Django or something

  4. Jens Christian Tvilum says:

    Cool, but what has it to do with James Bond?

  5. liam davis says:

    Can someone tell, me if there’s something in the thumbnail or the title
    that warns you if it’s going to be a text only video?

    It would really save me the 5 or 10 seconds of watching these videos and
    the build up of rage when I notice..

    Thanks advance.

  6. Stephen Terry (Pixel Implosion) says:

    I dunno, is it really that hard to get a voice over?

  7. Digiquill says:

    I think I figured out why this guy’s not in the history books. he didn’t do
    anything important.

  8. Matt Hunter says:

    So let me get this straight, he stole someone’s ride, crammed a heap of
    people into it, and then went around making hand gestures at white
    people… hmmmm…….

  9. Phillip Tunstall says:

    … This video is incomplete. No voice over and the intro is in twice…
    come on cracked. You are better than this…

  10. Shariq Torres says:

    Good job. I’ll leave a nice comment before all of Luckey’s shitposters
    descend on the comments

  11. Hunter Klein says:

    He was in my US history book

  12. Bat5hade says:

    You all left out a lot of information in this. Robert Smalls also came back
    during the war and destroyed many confederate ships. He also gave vital
    intel to the North about bases and key locations that got used by many of
    the generals in the North during the war.

  13. G-man says:

    not surprised american history books dont mention him

  14. Stephen Colbert says:

    Slavery is like the only major thing white people have contributed to
    humanity, and they’re quite proud of it. Strange people. If we can even
    call them that.

  15. Kazuma - kun says:

    The confederates let a black man take their stuff because he could throw up
    signs… What kind of backwards world do we live in today?

  16. Onyebuci Mordi says:

    i would like to see a movie about him. Hollywood keeps doing remakes. there
    are pretty good stories out there.

  17. anthony nguyen says:

    bad youtuber

  18. Mark Smith says:

    And yet Hollywood has decided tetris would be a good source for a movie….

  19. Isagail Carshuen says:

    Bloody hell.
    **showers respect**

  20. imcintyre01 says:

    I smell a good action flick! As long as it doesn’t get political and is
    basically tell a kick but story of his life that movie will be BOSS!!!