How Overnight Shipping Works

How Overnight Shipping Works

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Animation by Josh Sherrington (
Sound by Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail by Joe Cieplinski (

FedEx 767, Fedex a300, Allegiant Airlines Md-83, Prime Air video courtesy PDX aviation
DHl a300 video courtesy LEJ.approach/dvldi
UPS 747-8 video courtesy UPS
FedEx footage courtesy FedEx

Music: “Cielo” by Huma-Huma, “Rhodesia” By Twin Musicom, “Ticker” By Silent Partner, “Not for Nothing” By Otis McDonald

Big thanks to Patreon supporters: M, Pete, Ken Lee, Victor Zimmer, Paul Jihoon Choi, Dylan Benson, Etienne Deschamps, Donald, Chris Allen, Abil Abdulla, Anson Leng, John & Becki Johnston, Connor J Smith, Arkadiy Kulev, Hagai Bloch Gabot, William Chappell, Eyal Matsliah, Joseph Bull, Marcelo Alves Vieira, Hank Green, Plinio Correa, Brady Bellini

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94 Responses

  1. Max Walsh says:

    Wtf is this logo

    • Bryan Keller says:

      Ben Crook XDDDS MAYMAY

    • cocaine cunt boi kid fist says:

      Anthro plane pussy

    • a wild alan says:

      I dont like the new logo

    • im_sorry_i_forgot_my_username says:

      I like it. The mountains are designed to look like a W, as in Wendover.

    • 4one14 says:

      I quite like the new logo, the design is crisp, clean, and sharp. However, the colour pallet of the old logo/design seemed far more appropriate for their work (cool hues>warm hues), at least from my design perspective. I quite like the inclusion of the W as a design element, also acting as an ideogram for mountains and signaling the above elements as skyscape is well communicated. I’m assuming the warm hues were chosen to reference a rising/setting sun, but again, most often the sky is cool hues as one typically sees looking out the window of a commercial plane (daytime/twilight/night&moon). With the content of this work relating to aviation, efficiency systems, and data-driven solutions in the youtube video genre of science/information/technology in clear and calm yet exciting and interesting ways cool hues of blue/purple (maybe green) would be apt and remain cohesive with their previous design iterations. When I think of those words (clear, calm, exciting, interesting, aviation, science et cetera) I think of cool colours and I reckon most would too.

  2. Aditya Rangarajan says:

    Anybody else see Vox’s video on the environmental effect of this?

    • epoh333 says:

      Lauri Koskinen Its not thier fault facts lean liberal

    • Lauri Koskinen says:

      That is the one of the most ridicilous claims ever. Facts are facts. They don’t lean in any direction.

    • Eric N says:

      His suggestion is that facts more frequently support a liberal worldview and platform rather than a conservative one. You can agree or disagree, but don’t misrepresent what he says.

    • Lauri Koskinen says:

      How am I misrepresenting? Facts need to be neutral, since if they aren’t, they become opinions. One can use facts to support a worldview and the same fact can support different views just as well.

      And yes I obviosly disagree with that statement, but it isn’t even the point. The reason I boycott Vox is that they are not using facts or cherrypicking them to support their agenda and fail to give space on their platform for counter arguments. The last drop for me was the video on sexual harassment where they used a statement “20% of women between ages 18-55 have been sexually assaulted”, which is simply not true.

  3. matilim says:

    Not sure about the new logo

  4. Shadow 144 says:

    New logo nioce! ;D

  5. Wendover Productions says:

    Hey I hope you enjoy this new video (and the new logo!) As always, this video wouldn’t exist without Squarespace’s support so make sure to check them out!

  6. JAIME SANTOS says:

    Yay a video about my job. Go dhl air cargo

  7. Aarni Mikkola says:

    Yes all I wanted was a plane video and I kinda got one

    • Northeast India in details says:

      Why? So.

    • Northeast India in details says:

      Your channel is empty and nothing is there from 2 years.
      I wanna all your views

    • piranha031091 says:

      Northeast India in details : you keep yelling advertisement for your channel in the middle of other people’s conversations. That is annoying.
      It’s what we call spam.

      Please stop doing it.

    • Northeast India in details says:

      There were no people.
      I Commented first .
      No need to explain manners to us.
      Best regards

    • piranha031091 says:

      Your comment was posted as a reply in Aarni Mikkola’s thread. And repeated multiple times in other people’s threads.

      The definition of electronic spamming is: “the use of electronic messaging systems to send an unsolicited message (spam), especially advertising, as well as sending messages repeatedly on the same site.”

      Therefore, what you did was spamming.

      Me and other users cannot go through this comment section without seeing that message copy/pasted over and over, which is annoying.

      If you did not understand this, you clearly needed it to be explained to you, before you caused more annoyance to other people, and get angry or hostile replies in return.

      I’m not being aggressive here. Just trying to help making this comment section nicer to everyone.

  8. TheBoringJack says:

    It’s 747-8, not 747-800.

  9. Munden says:

    Woohoo! More airplane content from Wendover!

  10. Larkin Jackson says:

    I work with UPS. And it is amazing how they reach any part of the world in a day. Usually Air comes into our truck warehouse around 8:00am. Our drivers are out of there usually around 8:45 and have to get the air packages to the address by Noon.

  11. Valentin S. says:

    All I want is Germany’s Geography problem

  12. Andreas Aristokrates says:

    Your new logo looks too general, it could mean anything from mountans, to deadly spikes in the bushes of vietnam, with napalm burning in the background.

    • Matthew K. says:

      Andreas Aristokrates I thought so at first too, but did you notice the hidden “W”?

    • Andreas Aristokrates says:

      Matthew K. No and the penetrating white lines did not help. It just looks odd that the mountains have these glaring white illumination, which could be the w, bit merge with the sun blob early and create this weird waving head with a redtone rainbow ontop of it.

  13. theMcWOPPER says:

    Saw an unknown logo an a 2O minute video about overnight delivery. Almost skipped it until I realized it was wendover.

  14. TopFelya says:

    Who spotted Wendover NEW Logo ? I don’t remember the look of an old logo already

  15. The Spherical Earth says:


  16. Shawn Barbour says:

    All I could think about is the movie cast away

  17. TopFelya says:

    Wendover ! We should do a collaboration about aviation content

  18. WHOIAN FANIAN says:

    what the heck DHL in North Korea!???!!?!??!!??

    • J B says:

      Does this mean I can ship stuff to North Korea just by going down to my local PostalAnnex? This raises so many questions about how that would work.

    • The Suicidal Plain Yogurt says:

      lolol ikr

    • The Suicidal Plain Yogurt says:

      +J B I wonder if we could ship some things to Kim jong un

    • varana312 says:

      In theory, yes, you could. I don’t know the English version of this, but from Germany, I can apparently send packages of under 2 kg for as little as €16 to North Korea, while parcels up to 20 kg cost €100, and it will take c. 15-19 days, according to DHL’s web site.
      With friendly advice that you shouldn’t send stuff that is subject to sanctions, so no arms or gold. 😀

      That said, they handle the North Korea business from China, and their customers in NK are mostly diplomats and other foreigners.

      Edit: And now, after googling shipping to NK, I’m probably on some sort of NSA list. 😀

  19. Mauz Shaikh says:

    I love aviation videos!!!

  20. Sebastian Elytron says:

    I had a hard time understanding this. A lot of it _wendover_ my head.

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