How Paintballs are Made

How Paintballs are Made

Paintballs are made of entirely of nontoxic, food-grade ingredients. The same gelatin used in gummy bears gives paintballs’ shells structure. Food dye is used to give the shell and paint color.

See more from the Science Channel’s ‘How It’s Made:’

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72 Responses

  1. Shane dawson Fever says:

    Ahh yes the messy ball of pain

  2. Gabriel Zam says:

    PaintBall its a Ball Painted

  3. Monica Parmer says:

    So..basically you can eat them
    Edit: didnt think I’d get any likes lmaoo

  4. Bryce Huennekens says:

    Why sweetener?

  5. Dnia Price says:

    Who made these paintballs? ?

  6. Pyro Minic says:


  7. Eve Jazz says:

    I wonder what they taste like

  8. GAMMASTAR321 says:

    All this trouble to be splattered off elsewhere within minutes ?

  9. Phosnub says:

    so u can eat them balls

  10. shy shy shy, bitches says:

    “they add a secret combination of food ingredients the company won’t tell”

    i bet it’s burger king foot lettuce

  11. KittenGirl1234 says:

    Am I the only one who has NEVER played paintball in their life?

  12. Piggu Gudu says:

    A sweetener? I know these are meant to be non toxic but are they also supposed to taste wonderful? Other purposes for it weren’t mentioned so I’m guessing it’s for the paintball addicts ??

    • *listen up* says:

      Tastes like bitter chocolate

    • Nicole Arney says:

      Erik no this is the new paintballs. The old formula is made with fish oil and now that is banned because of the allergies people have with fish oil and they stain clothes. The new glucose based paintballs won’t stain if you wash them out within a couple days of playing paintball. The ingredients they don’t list shouldn’t be anything scary haha some dogs go to town and eat quite a few. They only give them diarea. They are made biodegradable and non toxic so that they wash away with the rain and they won’t hurt the environment or animals

    • Nicole Arney says:

      I eat 85% cacao chocolate and I still don’t like paintballs. Just figured I’d warn you ? haha

    • Piggu Gudu says:

      haha that must have been alarming but I’m guessing banana tastes far better than fish oil XD

    • Nicole Arney says:

      Yeah it’s definitely much better in taste and smell. When it rains and there are so many paintballs it takes a couple rainfalls to get rid of it all and that smell is gross but it was putrid when they were made with fish oil. I call it unicorn puke because it’s a bunch of colors but it still looks nasty all mixed together and then smells nasty. Looks like a unicorn threw up all over.

  13. Katarina Tikka says:

    *need to eat it*

  14. bish im not a weeb ok gtfo says:

    I’ve never played paintball and honestly I’m a bit scared to because I’ve heard that apparently getting hit by one hurts?

  15. Spooky Sushi says:

    The new forbidden fruit

  16. Hanny Bunny says:

    I like paint ball but don’t like being hit ?

  17. just a nigga tryna help says:

    This makes me think at divergente

  18. Oscar Chan says:

    So it’s edible like Tide Pods.

    • Time Lapses says:

      Actually, Tide Pods have a Ph level so low, if the gel touches any of your cells, it would kill the cell instantly

    • cough pillbox says:

      Time Lapses whatever.. a simple Google search will debunk your senseless claim. Your meme died months ago, get some new material

  19. Manuel 74 says:

    So I can eat the paint balls

  20. Joseph Holder says:

    Pretty much these are partly edible

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