How strong is Oobleck?

How strong is Oobleck?

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20 Responses

  1. Michael Hough says:

    Love your videos. Good stuff! Please, please, please invest is some wind
    protection for that top mic!! :)

  2. huyked says:

    1:38 Daisy 880 BB gun. I remember growing up with that gun. They don’t make
    ’em like they used to.

  3. Lois v says:

    if i did this my mom would disown me

  4. MGTOW FTW says:

    Have you tried shooting Oobleck after its been frozen in Liquid Nirogen?

  5. Tito4re says:

    What i wanna know is how did you get oobleck in a water balloon? Very
    interesting video.

  6. Mashed Potatoes says:

    I think that the oobleck was not a hard because you either mixed it with
    too much or too little oobleck

  7. Mark1xL says:


  8. marsha ariobimo says:

    hey what happen if you made a giant ball of Oobleck and shoot it with a

  9. dominik1023 says:

    That golf ball shot was really cool. I’m sold! subscribed!

  10. First Last says:

    doggy so cute!!!!

  11. Domenic Woo says:

    Where are your safety glasses mate?

  12. Jade Bowen says:

    Your videos are getting cooler and cooler.

  13. Raskyl Flarestrike (Russell) says:

    i saw a rainbow in the golf ball water balloon test!

  14. hongluv84 says:

    his dog is a vegetarian as well!?!?


    1:53 I can’t be the only one thinking that looks like a penis….

  16. Arma Ditto says:


  17. agb1953 says:

    Given the rabid nature of police departments today, you might want to check
    your local ordinances because I see you’re in a neighborhood. Most
    jurisdictions (like the last 3 I’ve lived in) make it a misdemeanor to
    shoot even a bb gun within a few hundreds yards of a dwelling, or within
    their jurisdiction’s boundaries. I live in a very rural, small town and
    it’s prohibited anywhere within the city limits. Oh, love your stuff.

  18. quorkquork says:

    Put your willy in it

  19. Ivan Santiago says:

    so cool

  20. Diamond Miner Animaniac says:

    pause it at 2:03 and it looks like the Starkiller Base from the new Star