How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump

How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump

It wasn’t always this way.

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Today’s Republican Party opposes big government. It’s culturally conservative. Its demographic support is strongest among white voters, and it usually dominates elections in the South. And its 2016 presidential nominee has been heavily criticized for inciting racial tensions.

But things weren’t always this way.
Yet over the past 160 or so years, the party has undergone a remarkable transformation from the party of Abraham Lincoln… to the party of Donald Trump. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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20 Responses

  1. Jakal02 says:

    Wait but when did the Democrats change. Casually looked over that

  2. Misaka Mikoto says:

    lol vox trying to say the KKK were democrats
    fkn bullshit

  3. Justin Wheeler says:

    Lincoln’s bad because he freed the slaves Trump is good because he’s
    getting rid of the damn illegals.

  4. CQ Huang says:

    FDR put the “Great” in Great Depression.

  5. Terrell H says:

    My OCD got to me and I have to say in your map you put Missouri in the
    Confederates, but never left. It did still have slavery and, also West
    Virginia broke away from away from Virginia in the midst of the war.

  6. jasonjinx says:

    reaaly? thats it? you have a liberal biased undertone so these needs to be
    under opinion

  7. Willian De Faria says:

    I guess in terms of race relations this is true, but I think an important
    point missed here was the executive branch from Theodore Roosevelt to
    Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the awful presidencies of Harding, Coolidge and

  8. Gontex the Great says:

    It’s funny that these white Trump supporters always say how tolerant they
    are, but in actuality ,they can’t stand Hispanics like me or the black
    community. They want to “Make America White Again” and act like we don’t
    exist. Wait till the General Election comes, and then they will see that
    not only do we exist, we see through your lies of tolerance to the disdain
    and apathy you have deep in your supremacist hearts and we will stand
    against it come November. Then, we wont be so easy to ignore. I’m ready to
    fight for the heart and soul of America, c’mon Trump supporters, lets
    dance, spew your hatred and prove me right, I’m ready for a fight. Gonna be
    a lot of unhappy White folk come this General Election!

  9. RatedRyman says:

    there is nothing wrong with building a wall

  10. tshort99 says:

    Bernie 2020

  11. Ahmed Adam says:

    To go from the Part of Lincoln to the Party of Trump is truly a sad sight
    for what was essentially a great political party to the shambles that it is
    today … I don’t hate republicans but it seems pretty clear to me that
    they lost their way quite some time ago. The democratic party is no angel
    either but if you had to pick the lesser of two evils I’ll stick with the
    democrats … this is my opinion so don’t come around picking arguments
    please just respect ppl’s opinions even if your’s is different… Cheers

  12. William Pangelinan says:

    If only Abe Lincoln saw the Republican party today.

  13. Stephen Martin (LeSandwhich) says:

    Wtf democrats are the ones that encite racial tensions

  14. Foramain says:

    Huh, I was about to vote for Donald Trump but this Vox video narrated by an
    effeminate liberal giving a one-sided account of the history of the
    Republican party made me pause.

  15. Na Br says:

    Title for this video is: “How Democrats want you to see the past.”

    This is a B grade propaganda video. If you can’t see that, you’re a C grade

  16. ChampionsDNA says:

    Lincoln was actually a racist but abolished slavery for tactical reasons

  17. Nicholas Pipitone says:

    If the camera can calm down on the seizure it’s having.

  18. Timothy Riley says:

    The constant zooming and panning and rotating around the map made this hard
    to watch.

  19. Orion Shea says:

    i wish that guy in vegas actually killed trump

  20. Johntray Stansifer says:

    I honestly feel us black people wouldn’t mind trump if he was more like
    bush, Chill and focused on the mission in hand, All it seems he wanna do is
    built he’s dumb wall.