How they show strong swordsman in anime.

How they show strong swordsman in anime.

“Oh yea he practiced his technique everyday and can now destroy the planet”

Oddwin – 19

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  1. Kamoshun says:

    “Yea, I put you in grave danger today, I’m sorry. I am both surprised & grateful”
    *scientists watching covid spread*

  2. Bxrry says:

    then there’s killer bee holding 12 swords at once

  3. Sharpryuo 85 says:

    When master said they created a universe, and “ hey I’m here for the interview” dude went through the door, that’s when a portal was opened into other universes. He is ready to make a story line. I can respect that.

  4. aggressive penguin says:

    The fact that he can make himself seem like different people is amazing.

  5. Æilert Argenthorne says:

    Anime Swordsman: exists

    White Slashes on a black screen: _My time has come_

  6. Jeff Buzz says:

    “What is he doing Patrick?”
    “He’s just standing there.. MENACINGLY”

  7. Failaka79 says:

    I love the fact caleb still includes the time loop guy

  8. Darth Zayexeet says:

    Zoro fans after Chapter 1010 be like: „yep, that’s Zoro“

  9. SuperWiiBros08 says:

    After many many funny comments Caleb finally made an “hey I’m here for the interview” joke

  10. Ray Mak says:

    They are super skilled

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