How They Were Caught: Ted Bundy

How They Were Caught: Ted Bundy

How was Ted Bundy finally brought to justice?


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Drive-in Movie
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Detective searching links between crimes on board with red string, connection
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Advocate woman making notes of prisoner statements in robber case file, record
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An ominous shadow in a gothic dark room next to a vintage yellow lamp, angrily rubs his hands. Ghost or a witch for Halloween.
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Outlines of Man Standing in Front of a Car in the Dark. At Night with Shadows and Back Light.
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Police lights flashing at night downtown at crime scene, close up.
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Flashing revolving light bokeh on top of hospital emergency vehicle
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87 Responses

  1. Legacii says:

    Best thing Buzz feed has created

  2. Stardust says:


  3. ky says:

    Best thing Buzzfeed has created

  4. COZYALYX says:

    my senior project in forensics was based on good ol ted, everytime i see something on him i’m just fascinated at what i could’ve put or what i did put. hands down the best project i’ve ever had to do in school. if you see this and are in high school you should definitely look into taking forensic science, it was by far my favorite out of my high school experience. i haven’t watched it yet but i’m expecting the best as usual.❤️

  5. Aashi Pathak says:

    0:35 this voice is giving me more chills than Ted Bundy

    • R H says:

      One of his victims was 12 years old. Another alleged victim was 8.

    • Aashi Pathak says:

      R H I know he was a horrible man. He did horrible things. This comment is just to express how scary this voice is. Doesn’t mean I’m saying what Ted Bundy did was nothing wrong at all.

    • R H says:

      +Aashi Pathak yeah it’s okay. I gave an over reaction too, but I tend to get defensive when I think people don’t take serial killers seriously. Sorry~

    • Aashi Pathak says:

      R H I am definitely like you. I hate that as well. But here I wasn’t joking or defending him or what he did. I was just exaggerating about the creepiness of the voice. Shouldn’t have used such a sensitive topic. It’s okay. I’m sorry as well.

  6. Nepa l says:

    This is gonna be a good series.

  7. Val says:

    did nobody else notice the “killed many woman” at the beginning…

  8. Kwon Lok Young says:

    Whats up with the voice filter

  9. Nightmare Files says:

    Videos like this are the reason I subbed to this channel. 🍿

  10. gucci shades says:

    i love this channel, it’s so different from the other buzzfeed channels by less drama and more inside scopes!

  11. ginacarano 4ever says:

    I think it’s fair he got death penalty

    • Nathan Brannan says:

      caycay it’s believed he’s killed more than 30, by his own words of course

    • cannahhook says:

      +Grace Whaley but the prison system (dependant on where it is) allows for human rights to be a vital part of his sentence. Meaning he will get education, social access ie situations he can manipulate, a place of comfort and rest and plenty more benefits. Best off getting rid of these kinds of monsters who can’t function in a normal society.

    • SalemGrimm says:

      Nah it’s not, death is an easy escape, plus imagine what psychiatrist could have learned from him.

  12. Meggy Moo says:


  13. RandomProject says:

    secretly this is just ryan using a voice changer, and making it a different series than unsolved

  14. Wanda623 says:

    imagine getting caught because the officer who pulled you over is a film nerd

  15. murni khaliesah says:


  16. Mj Vision says:

    The voice sounds like those people that want to interviewed anonymously.

  17. you knees says:

    I know every single detail about this, but I’m still gonna watch. #SerialKillersSeries pleaseeeeee!!!

  18. Nelly Beans says:

    Damn. Before computers, Criminals actually had a chance it seems.

  19. lightsabere says:

    My grandmother met Ted Bundy. The story she told me was that there was a guy on the side of the road and his car was broken down and he had a broken leg. My grandmother pulled over and offered to give him a ride and he got in the car. The thing is my grandmother had her son (my dad) and 3 other boys in the backseat. And she believed that the only reason Ted didn’t do anything to her was because her son and his friends were all in the backseat of the car.

  20. l e i l a says:

    How do some girls find him hot?!?

    • Adelise Abbington says:

      i admit i find him very charismatic

    • SalemGrimm says:

      Because he is? 🤔

    • MikeMJPMUNCH says:

      I think some women wanted to marry him which just makes me think who is more crazy the serial killer or the person who wants to marry a known serial killer

    • saystayspalshin Baby says:

      l e i l a nah that’s just you what doing is classic projection

    • melissa saint says:

      +MikeMJPMUNCH Yeah, it’s one thing to say “he’s so handsome and charismatic.” That’s true. He’s visually not my type, but he was conventionally handsome, and was unusually charming. (Plenty of serial killers aren’t!) But I think most women say that in the context of “it’s horrifying how easy it would be to let your guard down when he asks for help, wearing a fake cast.” Women can imagine being duped by such a nice manner and likeable face.
      But the women who write love letters to serial killers are something else though!! They surely have serious issues.

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