How to Actually Finish Something, for Once

How to Actually Finish Something, for Once

Someday you’ll paint those other 3 walls!

Are you the roommate who impulsively embarks on multi-day tasks, only to give up, pleased with yourself, after they’re 10% completed? Well, you suck!

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Ally Beardsley
Shane Crown

Director – Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer – Ally Beardsley
Producer – Shane Crown
Production Coordinator – Francesca McLafferty
Editor – Sam Geer

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75 Responses

  1. saurabh kulkarni says:


  2. Burning Lean says:


  3. Mr Not That Famous says:

    not even gonna finish this video

  4. HappyGumDisease says:

    *A funny and original comment which gets a load of likes.*

    The irony is that this isn’t original.

  5. ikemac220 says:


    yep I just wanted to say that
    sorry I’ll leave

  6. Betreyal Justice says:

    No my roommate is dead and iam masterbating to his fathers pics so I will finish fapping but not this video

  7. memo boy says:

    this is actually .. true..

  8. BestServedCold says:

    There are 2 types of people in this world
    1)Those who can finish lists

  9. RandimArray says:

    Her intonation is bad, the kind of “bad” bad , not “cute” bad

  10. Louis Handy says:

    Why has collegehumor been making so many weirdly condescending videos lately

  11. radioactive pj says:

    Brb sending this to my dad

  12. UnPhayzable says:

    You know I was in the middle of commenting something but I think I’m gonna finish it later

    • BlindManInsane says:

      UnPhayzable Dude u are like everywhere, I’ve seen u on League channel’s, and many others unrelated to this. Keep up the good work

  13. UnPhayzable says:

    I’m at the level where I procrastinate procrastinating

  14. Marcel Hansen says:

    She is’nt funny. Not even in the slightest way.

  15. Harpy Productions says:

    but i always finish my Youtube poops, and they dont even make me money

  16. William Parker says:

    God she has beautiful eyes… Why are all the good looking women lesbians?

  17. Awab Qureshi says:

    Maybe you should wash the god damn dishes first

  18. Dominic Perez says:

    *Adds this to the watch later Playlist*

  19. says:

    i really don’t understand what she’s ta

  20. Tsetsi * Medical Leech Therapy * Enema * Цеци Ceci says:

    i am mesmerized by this person … I keep coming back here and I don’t know why!

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