How To Channel Your Road Rage Into Cold, Calculating Road Revenge

How To Channel Your Road Rage Into Cold, Calculating Road Revenge

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Defensive driving instructor Danny Preston says the best way to avoid conflict on the road is to execute long-term psychological torment on aggressive drivers.

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19 Responses

  1. whyhatestrangers says:

    Jim Haggerty has come back from worse. A couple of poisoned cupcakes cannot
    stop him. Assuming they were only poisoned… Pro-tip: in case your target
    has had the forethought to immunize his or herself from poisons, smear some
    herpes on the tops of the cupcakes so you can still have some form of

  2. Allen Hildebrandt says:

    Oh my. I love this.

  3. jayjaydeth says:

    Sucks that The Onion kinda sold out…. but this was amazing.

  4. Gabriel Trosell says:

    Oh my. I love this.

  5. frunchzz says:

    The Jim Haggerty-Tracy Gill duo was always the best!

  6. jopija27 says:


  7. aaronpolitical says:

    Well you came back with style Onion. Well played.

  8. Hiphop101ize says:

    Yeah! Look who’s baaack 

  9. Credible Mulk says:

    What an absolute fucktard. I catch anyone in my home, they are getting
    their hands cut off.

  10. sparkss4 says:

    finally some classic onion videos!

  11. Dave Jacoby says:

    “He’s human, just like me. He has a family that loves him, and that’s an
    exploitable weakness.”

  12. BoomLegion says:

    Danny is not my true name. Hahahaha

  13. Qorhtomh says:

    +The Onion, would you share that muffin recipe, please?

  14. Jewish Milkman says:

    “That is not my true name.”

  15. zandert33 says:

    I am… pig

  16. pasodiufwen says:


  17. Dusty Jaeger says:

    This is really fucked up!

  18. Jeff Lebowski says:

    Welcome back Today Now, we missed you!

  19. Arc Riley says:

    Some really great advice for turning road rage into full-on sociopathic