How to Cookie with Science

How to Cookie with Science


Chocolate chip cookies are nearly universally adored. People like them in all sorts of textures, sizes and tastes. So how can you make your perfect cookie? Using science, of course. October 1 is National Homemade Cookies Day, so for this week’s Reactions episode, we partnered with Science News magazine’s Bethany Brookshire (@scicurious) to take a bite out of baking with the scientific method.

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Elaine Seward

Sam Lemonick

Executive Producer:
Adam Dylewski

Scientific consultants:
Bethany Brookshire, Ph.D
Darcy Gentleman, Ph.D.
Sophia Cai

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17 Responses

  1. Sriram Yenigabal says:

    can u make a video on how plasma is formed be puting grapes in a microwave

  2. Usman Qamar says:

    Yo when is q n a coming?

  3. EnderCrypt says:

    wait, did she say “in the past year i baked over 500 cookies in the name of
    science” xD quite alot i guess.. hmm.. wonder if she ever gets tired at
    eating/baking them lol

  4. Fazonna says:

    Don’t make cookies; they’re bad for you.

  5. Vinay Vyraveraja says:


  6. Aqua Stone says:

    I want to do research on porn. Guess now i have to watch a lots of porn. :p

  7. MJ P says:

    Good video! I recommend a video explaining exactly what is happening in the
    oven to convert different doughs into cake, cookies, bread, etc. Why does
    high temperature cause a malleable dough that can be pulled apart without
    “ripping” to bready material that seems like a continuous network of
    fibers? What are those fibers in bread and why do we add eggs and butter to
    flour to form them? Would baking flour water form a “bread?”

  8. John Drachenberg says:

    A fine video, but my one gripe is that scientists don’t ask why, they ask
    how. Philosophers ask why. This may seem like a minor distinction, but for
    an educational channel centered around chemistry, I feel proper vernacular
    is quite important.

  9. janvierbam says:

    The narrator sounds like she has a cold

  10. Lerkero says:

    You changed the amount of butter, but why not also change the amount of
    sugar? I personally prefer to eat shortbread cookies, and those take a
    careful ratio of flour:sugar:butter to cook as desired.

    If I am not mistaken, the amount of sugar would also hold the cookie dough
    closer depending on how much heat is applied over time. Unlike butter, when
    sugar melts and cools its physical properties do not return to their
    original form.

  11. Felix Jin says:

    Statistical analysis for the size of those cookies please?

  12. Cooper Villereal says:

    I hate cookies

  13. Monica Gisselle says:

    u ruined cookies

  14. Benjamin Castillo says:

    half-baked! soft warm chocolate chip cookies with a glass of ice cold milk
    so cold you get a brain freeze

  15. Benjamin Castillo says:

    half-baked! soft warm chocolate chip cookies with a glass of ice cold milk
    so cold you get a brain freeze

  16. Spoo Rin says:

    I would have preferred vegan cookies. Now we should all think about where
    butter comes from.

  17. Ana Andrango says: