How to Install a Hidden Kill Switch in your Car or Truck (Cheap Anti Theft System)

How to Install a Hidden Kill Switch in your Car or Truck (Cheap Anti Theft System)

Instead of installing an expensive car alarm system or using ineffective methods to prevent your car from getting stolen, learn how to install an inexpensive, hidden kill switch.

This kill switch is easy to install and anyone can do it at home with basic tools. It can also work along with your car’s current alarm system. How it works is it cuts the power to the fuel pump so you cannot jump start the car, hot wire it, or even push start it. In order to steal the car you need to tow it! It is better than a batter quick disconnect because your computer wont restart and you wont lose your radio stations.

Here is the SimpliSafe security system I installed in my garage:

Products Used:
Automatic Wire Strippers:
Crimping Pliers:
On/Off Switch:
Heat Shrink Butt Connectors:
16 Gauge Wire:
Spade Connectors:
Inexpensive Multimeter:

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66 Responses

  1. ChrisFix says:

    I hope this video was helpful and you guys never have one of your vehicles stolen! If you install a kill switch, be sure to tag me on Instagram @ChrisFixit so I can share your post!
    By the way, make sure you watch till the end for my “dream car”!!! Sooooo Pumped to show you guys that!
    Security System:
    Automatic Wire Strippers:
    Crimping Pliers:
    On/Off Switch:
    Heat Shrink Butt Connectors:
    16 Gauge Wire:
    Spade Connectors:
    Inexpensive Multimeter:

    • Sergio Huicoza says:

      +gerald gum or u can use a lighter
      and yes it works but it will take some time to shrink

    • Semper Fidelis says:

      Got a link to the punch you used? I didn’t see it in the description.

    • Frank W says:

      +Nate Jones under the hood in the engine compartment they is wire (lead) that is used during assembly of the vehicle to prime the fuel system. All you have to do is add 12 volts to the lead and the fuel pump will run. If whoever would be stealing your vehicle is in knowledge of this and familiar with that car he could do this. So there the switch will not help. Besides a pro will just use a tow truck, that he is not going to be fooling around. Chris’s friend car looks like a pro hit it that things were unbolted and removed, not tore and butchered out. Of course these are just my thoughts.

    • Gamer55561 says:

      Hey Chris, I have a car that has paint peeling on the hood and im not sure how to fix it. do you think you can make a video about this topic ?

    • Frank W says:

      +boban250 if you want a kill switch on your diesel with concerns about the fuel pump , install the kill switch on the starter or ignition switch.

  2. GAMING LAB says:

    15:10 Its the first time that Chrisfix is happy beacuse the car doesnt start?

  3. Holy_ Crap_ ꪜ says:

    Can we just talk about the yellow army man in the glovebox in 15:31

  4. Juz rhyme says:

    Also Chris, theres been this new things where criminals are stealing Keyless entry cars such as 2019 brand new Teslas and Mercedes off the driveways by tricking the cars that their keys are next to them , so they can open up and the criminals take off with them. My friend recently had her 2015 Toyota camry taking that way, any advice on how to deal with that?

    • Andrei Muntean says:

      Watch shmee150’s latest video, it’s all about keyless entry car theft!

    • mugensamurai says:

      Here’s a easy and cheap fix to save the day. RFID key sleeve. I found a couple on amazon.

    • SHADOUGH says:

      hmidouch boetekees to add to your comment you can also try to put them in the middle of the house or upstairs

    • Konstantin Degtyarev says:

      Put the key in anything that is metal as it prevents radio frequencies from reaching your car. Thieves just catch that signal and strengthen it, so the second person by the car can catch it and trich the factory security system, anything metal or with RFID protection will prevent this from happening, but the kill switch will also work.

    • Serpens The King says:

      There are chips that you can install in the key which deactivates the key if its not moving.

  5. JetJiles says:

    ChrisFix: you can install a kill switch in less than an hour

    Me: 7 hours later how come my car is on fire???

  6. Nick's Kicks says:

    Looking at the comments I’m starting to realize not a lot of people understand what mid engine means ???

  7. LeZturbo says:

    Too much kill switches are connected too the fuel pump. So every thief is going to connect directly the fuel pump relay to the + with a simple wire if he knows well the véhicule electric system.
    I prefer a kill switch on something else like ECU power or even cranckshaft position sensor, be creative !!!

  8. NSMike87 says:

    Chris: “I got my dream car!”
    Chris: “…”
    Chris: “Let’s just add some medium-strength thread locker…”

  9. Agnosis Paradigm says:

    So when are we getting the “How to Install a Flux Capacitor with Common Hand Tools” video?

  10. Kizan Zero says:

    Ya thats been happening in my street. There was a guy down the street who has this Nissan 240SX . The thief coulded steal the car so the took the sets of rims and tires. The next day the car was on jack stands but the rims and tires were gone.

    • My dick is insanely small, but says:

      Kizan Zero better than the whole car

    • John Galt says:

      An Irish criminal did that to my Chevy. He left me with four Snap-On jack stands took my $400 dollar wheels, fitted with near worn budget tires! Bonus 😀

  11. Ethan Vue says:

    Dude that robber took almost EVERYTHING from your friends S2000

  12. Hatera says:

    They replaced the honda badge on the s2000 with a toyota badge im dead.

  13. Jonas Schinkler says:

    A friend of mine installed one in a Volvo 240. He would flick it in tunnels and flick it on after 2-3 seconds. The extra fuel would ignite and it made a deafening boom when the car started again 😀

    • Bryan Gray says:

      What keeps them from cutting the wires off the relay and twisting them together? Lol might as well put it right next to the relay because if the criminal knows how to hotwire hes be able to twist your relay wires together too

  14. gravemind452 says:

    Best anti theft device is owning a standard. I’m guessing the new car is an old Hummer H1.

  15. Midnight Mustang says:

    It’s a Humvee, isn’t it 😉

    Edit: Hummer*
    Same thing!

  16. Dillon2Swift says:

    Modern day anti theft is a stick shift. ?

  17. Moynul Alam says:

    17:22 Look at the reflection in the window of the car he drives past. It’s a Hummer H1

  18. junior pimentel says:

    Something tells me Chris’s Dream car Is a Hummer H1 ?

  19. Pc118Gamer Gaming and Animations says:

    Is it an h1?
    1. Both Chris fix’s dream car and Hummer H1 are AWD,
    2. cf’ dream car and Hummer H1 are mid engined,
    3. cf’s Instagram has multiple photos of various Hummers,
    4. cf seems to be ~35, Hummer H1 came out 27 years ago making him ~8 when it was released
    5. The engine sounds like a turbo diesel,
    6. We got a glimpse of the back tire, it was a off road tire.
    7. In the glove box was an armyman.

  20. Jarrod Ellis says:

    judging by the whistle from the engine, it is something of the diesel category, by size? probably a Hummer

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