How To Make an Ocarina of Time IRL

How To Make an Ocarina of Time IRL

In today’s video we’re sculpting a working clay ocarina! (Disclaimer: Will not change day to night)

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Popsicle Sticks:
Sand Paper:

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52 Responses

  1. Holds W says:

    I love Zelda AND The King of random!!! 2 in 1!!!!!

  2. justin samwaru says:

    Grown man plays with clay 😂😂😂👍👍👑👑

  3. MYSTIC FIRE says:

    LOVE IT! ❤️

  4. Stepping stone says:

    Love this chanel sooooo much

  5. Landseer Zhou says:

    I love The King Of Random!!!!!!!

  6. DanielDS11 says:

    Can you guys try to make stretchy silicone lids that will fit any container or plate? 😊

  7. Pieces'O'Cake Malek says:

    Watch primitve technology and see how he makes his clay. He uaes already craked clay, crushes it into dust, and combinse it with hia wet clay.

  8. Luke Ramsey says:

    You should play the song of time on the ocarina of time!

  9. Advik Kannivadi says:

    Can you make a proto putty bed and see if it it comfortable please

  10. Mace360 Gaming says:

    Please try casting legos with aluminum or recycled plastic.

  11. Aiden Mcdaniel says:

    Please put oobleck in liquid nitrogen

  12. Mahmood Jazmawy says:

    Since you made 2 videos about clay I think it’s time to make a spinning wheel

    EDIT: spinning wheel just like the one they use to shape clay

  13. Βασίλειος Τατόγλου says:

    Try put clay in the vacuum chamber.

  14. Пламен Георгиев says:

    Lets get the popsicle stick *wet* like we did with the other one. 😀

  15. theerealanonymous says:

    How to make an avacado

  16. CrazyLazyRabbit says:

    *Do u no de wae*

  17. Isaiah Shaver says:

    You should use Slip and not just water to seal pottery :/

  18. yotam hagoel says:

    You can put paper inside hallow shapes end it will not collpse end burn in the fire

  19. Alejandro. Rincón. says:

    Have you put clay in a vacuum chamber if not you should

  20. KexGo says:

    Make a Gallium Candle 😀

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