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40 Responses

  1. Hannah Renee says:

    Please do a skincare routine video?

  2. Emily Johnson says:

    Jac I wish you would go back to a natural background…its a lot more inviting and calming!

  3. Nichole Murphy says:

    Which beautiful eyeshadows and eyelashes are you wearing?!?! NEED TO KNOW

    • Francheska Boitel says:

      Nichole Murphy she’s most likely wearing her own palette. Looks like ring the alarm palette. And most likely “Miami” lashes by lilly lashes or “so Miami”. ☺️

    • Allison Frasheski says:

      Agreed^ looks like so extra Miami

  4. MakeupbyBeccaRose XOXO says:

    Can you put a list of the products you used in the down bar please!!! XOXO

  5. Jaqui Mejia says:

    no one:
    jaclyns team in the background when she rebrightens her undereye: OOOOOO AHHHHH

  6. Ana Maria says:

    girl!!!!! After I watched this I wanted to try out everything, even did a pink look with a nude lip and omgggg my makeup looks amazing!!! Fine lines and creases who???

  7. Forgetmeena03 says:

    Please have someone on your PR team put all your products in the description. ?

    • Priya S says:

      She does it now too. I think this video she forgot to add. It is really helpful when I’m at Sephora and I don’t need to see the entire video. I see the description bar and buy it ?

    • Stephanie Ann says:

      waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw anyone know what shade she uses in the Lancôme powder she used to highlight?

    • Claire Ross says:

      i think she uses the shade ‘Absolute peche’ xx

    • Alicia Daukontas says:

      +Stephanie Ann absolue peche

  8. Brooke Turnbough says:

    Who else was relating makeup looking better 3-4 hours later to how leftovers taste better the next day? ???

  9. aoife taylor says:

    Please show/tell us about your skin care routine ??

  10. Savannah Riel says:

    FINALLY!!! Going to a wedding next week and I was PRAYING that you would make a video with this topic ???

  11. yaknotnud says:

    Can you do a cheap video. Like best sponge, pore less primer, powder, on a budget? Broke products video?

    • BluePigzz says:

      yaknotnud check out Tati, she does these types of videos all the time!

    • Casey Price says:

      she doesnt use drugstore products so i would feel if she did a drugstore video it wouldnt be genuine because she doesnt use the products. casey holmes uses a lot of drugstore check her out!

    • Bianca Goulart says:

      Honey, you’re looking for Tati. She alwaaays does that kind of video. Very professional very unbiased. Jaclyn has great technique but I personally don’t really trust her on specific products

    • Skye Fresh says:

      +Sian Pursglove totally agree! One of my favs is juicyjas, she does tons of drugstore vids, she actually prefers drugstore over high-end. She is also NON-problematic! Another good channel is Allie Glines, I’ve just recently found her and really love her content! I tend to watch smaller YT channels in general as they are more relatable to me!

    • lori kel says:

      @bianca Goulart. All the beauty influencers are stating their opinion on the products used. Either paid sponsorship, brand ambassador or not. The ultimate decision to purchase is still yours.

  12. Rebekah Waugh says:

    “Are you just dragging it?”

    “Do you even know how to bake?”

  13. Tiffany Le says:

    23 minutes long, not one single ad. I APPRECIATE YOU ❤️

  14. jess Urbanawiz says:

    Please put what you’re using in the description box.
    Thanks for being a beauty influencer that’s actually doing make up.

  15. Dana Zimmerman says:

    *Beginning of video*
    Me: oh she’s probably wearing a tube top
    Jaclyn: Hold on, let me put on a shirt

  16. Becky Hoskyns says:

    Your informative videos are so good; I learn sooo much!!!! Xx

  17. Shannon Stoddard says:

    Also i love these videos. I feel like not very many beauty youtubers do tutorials explaining everything now.

  18. Lara Waibel says:

    Please do a skin care tips video .. not necessarily a routine more like tips and tricks ☺️

  19. Carey Santiago says:

    Thanks for being a ray of light and joy in the community! So happy ? to see you filming again!??????

  20. Millie says:

    The only time on YouTube that I thought someone was not neked and wearing a strapless stop. They turned out to be neked.. ??

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