How To Open Padlock Without A Key

How To Open Padlock Without A Key

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20 Responses

  1. Ci Burdman says:

    you should thy freezing the padlock with nitrogen then break it

  2. BearGaming[DK] says:

    You dont have a key… But you have a flametrower

  3. Sparta215 Gaming says:

    In Soviet Russia, padlocks melt you.

  4. anthony sierra says:

    or u can get a chain cutty thingy and break the chains or the actual lock

  5. Saroyan07 says:

    Completly melted, under a minet. Russian guys will know

  6. FlyBoyChris says:

    Came here for the bolt cutter comments

  7. ThisGeekPlaysFPS says:

    Because we all buy hand held torches for nothing, right?

  8. MarkoTheGamer says:

    2:13 OMG DID YOU SEE THAT FROG?!?!?!?!? ME NEITHER!!!!

  9. DoooWeee Who says:

    Yeah no noise is really important when I’m trying to enter my own yard
    completely legally.

  10. Cristian Callero says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to melt the chain

  11. monkeypaige 5 says:

    cause we all have a blowtorch

  12. Charmaine Shepherd says:

    1st one

  13. Silas Kuemmerle says:

    security lvl 1 is top security, lvl 5 is minimal security

  14. Asia Jennifer says:

    A pair of padlock cutters will cut a lock in about 1 second.

  15. 380 Gamer says:

    This is what a thief has been waiting to watch!??

  16. Shay Gagula says:

    if i only fonna have a normal lighter its gonna work?

  17. Donny 123 says:

    from the title I thought this was HowToBacis

  18. markus hoffsten says:

    test a Abus lock =)

  19. LiB Gaming says:

    How to basic

  20. That one friendly guy says:

    Teach us to lock pick lmao