How to sound smarter without actually being smarter: Pause

How to sound smarter without actually being smarter: Pause

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20 Responses

  1. King Bill says:

    this is definitely a more gooder way of sounding more smarter.

  2. I'm really tall and skinny says:

    I speak like a teenage girl and am about as articulate as a high school dropout

  3. I hate politics says:

    people will just think you’re retarded for pausing

  4. The Package Boy says:

    So I realize I definitely over-paused in this video and sounded slow or delayed or whatever other choice words the internet wants to use. My bad. The point is to use less filler words! Thanks for watching

  5. Jim Norton's Alcoholism says:

    I tried this at work and ended up not speaking for the entire day since I had nothing of substance to say.

  6. Holt Westling says:

    True if you’re conversing with adults but if you’re debating with a cunt who likes to hold the conversational floor then they’ll take every pause as an excuse to butt in and talk over you with endless fillers so you’ll never get to finish your point or rebut theirs.

    It’s like leaving a safe distance between your car and the driver in front. Some arsehole will always pull in to the gap and you’ll have to slow down to make another gap. Into which some other cunt will pull.

  7. TheTundraTerror says:

    Someone send this to Obama and see if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if it works.

  8. Im XD says:

    “How to sound autistic 101”

  9. MIDBC1 says:

    trade the filler words for looking like you are a slow thinker

  10. FAYMprod says:

    this… doesn’t work… so well… on………… the………… phone

  11. Mark Eyre says:

    I agree with your statement that it’s better to pause instead of saying umm or ahh. However the problem this creates is this; when talking to an impatient person they will take your pause as a signal that its their turn to talk and will jump in and interrupt your thought. I often find myself using hand signals when talking one-on-one with that type of person to indicate I’m just pausing, not stopping my flow.

  12. jacobr9478 says:

    That moment you realize this is probably trending because a shit ton of people looked up “how to sound smarter”. How the fuck did we end up here.

  13. I'm SpeeDee says:

    Instructions unclear dick stuck in toaster

  14. ANDYofzz says:

    so….you mean speak like Obama?

  15. Jay West says:

    You sound smarter, but you look more retarded.

  16. JaguaR Prince says:

    Looking forward to your next trending video

  17. Truebizcuit says:


  18. Gods Gift says:

    So Obama sounded like an idiot the past 8 years ? I agree

  19. One Minute Answer says:

    Or just buy some books, a Lamborghini & put them in your garage…

  20. Shy Guy says:

    Why do people care so much about how they sound, who the fuck cares!

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