How To Survive Working With Cats!

How To Survive Working With Cats!

Take Your Cat To Work Day is June 25th, here’s some tips to surviving the workplace while office supurrvisors “help” 🙂


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20 Responses

  1. 67EHC says:

    Hi, my cat did the same with a dining room chair , as I came running up
    from the room and take it away… I miss him !

  2. Morag McNiven says:

    Literally laughing out loud at my cat free desk!

  3. John B says:

    Cats have an endless fascination with knocking things off of desks and
    tables down to the floor. Never had a cat who didn’t do this. LOL

  4. aligrandi13 says:

    Awsome video! In all your video can see how much you love cats and how much
    they loves you! This is really such a big pleasure to watch your videos!
    Thank you also for the smiles!

  5. Feltmountain. says:

    My favourite subscription. :)

  6. Dymeczka says:

    The keyboard is a a beloved place my cats :))Also at the dinner the
    table.My head during sleep.The night also shoulder :))

  7. Al Padavano says:

    In January I had 2 glasses of water in a bookcase next to my desk . I
    turned away only to find the contents of both glasses covering my latop.
    Thusly killingmsaid lap top. The big Orange Beast had pulled both glasses
    “Towards” thr desk. Yup hes my buddy the 4 legged wrecking ball. I bought 2
    unspillable cups from Amazon. Even though I replaced the lap,even though I
    put the large cups on the ground he still tries to swat the cups towards
    the lap . Thats my tale of woe, my life with Banshee the Big Orange Beast.

  8. thecatman4ever says:

    Interestingly enough my cat seems to enjoy some of the same things your
    cats enjoy in/and/around the computer desk area. You’ve given some great
    advice! Really enjoy your video’s. Cheers…..Jeffrey

  9. Susan Neveu says:

    Cute cats, thank you!

  10. Marielle M says:

    Why are you complaining ? You have 2devout Assistants helping you
    achieving your tasks !

  11. FrozenVaIkyrie says:

    0:38 – THAT “what?” face is the epitome of the cat world xDDD

    My cat does the same but I just CAN’T be mad at her. She has a cuteness
    I really enjoyed the video, so funny (that cat free zone thou xD) And so

  12. menckencynic says:

    The CHAIR thing! The CHAIR THING! Me. Sooo me. Oh God, the number of times
    I did that.

  13. mihrits says:

    Just leave the cat outside the room you are working by closing the door
    behind you. SIMPLE!

  14. iDipz says:

    I can just squeeze and snuggle them all day long

  15. Matheus Moreira says:

    Amazing!!! they’re so cute. I know what it’s like to work with cats around

  16. Katie Patton says:

    Aaaand that’s why I don’t have a pet. lol

  17. monkfhb opigfj says:

    I love guys who love cats.

  18. Musicloverlists98 says:

    These guys always make me smile but now I get sad a little watching cat
    videos my cat passed away three weeks ago and he was only a year old he had
    a heart murmur so he had a heart attack but the vet said it wasn’t serious
    but I’m pretty sure it was if I found my cat laying on the kitchen floor
    unmoving with his eyes open and his mouth to. But maybe one day I can heal
    and get another cat, but I’m really scared to =(

  19. Juan J. Maldonado V. says:

    or just don’t have cats at all

  20. takeagalbythehand says:

    Laughed so hard to see Cole drinking from your glass and your ingenious
    “cat free zone”! Love it!