How To Waste $200 on Amazon…

How To Waste $200 on Amazon…

Ken is at it again with some mystery Amazon tech…
This is definitely not an iPod – Cayin N3 on Amazon:
This is definitely not Google Glass – TheiaPro on Amazon:
This is definitely not a phone for Ken – Jitterbug Smart on Amazon:
This is definitely Ken approved – Magic Sing Karaoke on Amazon:


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20 Responses

  1. thien son Huynh says:

    his name is Son.I am from VietNam.I am VietNamese

  2. kfcfrom hell says:

    I just wasted 10 bloody minutes of my life(i rewatched the video)!

  3. Lar Vnl says:


  4. Nikolai Carpathia says:

    Thought this was vsauce. Go fuck yourself

  5. Connor S. says:

    Is it just me or does he sound dyslexic

  6. kalenen says:

    Everytime he says “hey guys this is austin” i get a severe urge to punch him in the face. he says it alot

  7. bloo890 says:

    I’m I probably the only one who annoyed by his fake and obnoxious laughing?

  8. Best Weight Loss says:

    So anybody wants to spend money on this?

  9. Loop Is Dedz says:

    The glass is my fav!!!

  10. Gabe pootis bjork says:

    you need to fucking retarted if you actually googled: how to waste money on amazon

  11. Corey Messick says:

    I don’t waste 200 on Amazon…

  12. The stud master says:

    When the Matthias ripe off is too good

  13. TheBig Phenom says:

    Why is the title not jitterbug review, you could get all the elderly views

  14. quag311 says:

    Yay for trending!
    Just discovered your channel earlier this week.
    I’ve been binging all of your “is it worth it?” videos starting with the 2DS.

  15. ṨƤᾋẂƝ says:

    if you dont know how to waste $200… well good for you.

  16. TGOTR says:

    “Why would someone buy one of these when smartphones are getting better and better audio all the time.” there are a number of reasons, Austin.

  17. Hack Ashron says:

    It’s all your fault Ken. For Shame. Loved the video Austin


    Hey Austin the karaoke u just reviewed is from Philippines

  19. Leo Germany says:

    So fucking stupid and very un-Mature teenage girl as always from Austin. Grow the fuck up and stop acting like a teenage girl unless you are.

  20. Brittany Parker-Vaughan says:

    Y’all seriously cut the video before we got to hear Austin’s melodious voice with that wickedly un-awkward two-step?

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