How to Work Out Like a Male Model at the Office

How to Work Out Like a Male Model at the Office

Noah Mills demonstrates the moves that will keep you sculpted at your desk, in the copy room, and beyond.

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How to Work Out Like a Male Model at the Office

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20 Responses

  1. TS S says:

    Let’s see how GREAT you feel when you get fired for behaving like that in a
    real office

  2. Perla La. says:

    WHAT A MAN, GIRLS…. WHAT A MAN! Thank you Vogue

  3. ASKTYRELL says:


  4. sphinx onyx says:

    Namaste indeed! #YogaTMeHot 

  5. spark339 says:

    idiotic, embarrassing, unless ofcourse my face looks like his

  6. Onetrueboy says:


  7. Sebastián Andrés says:

    i need his cum inside my ass

  8. Spencer Read says:

    I just watched this cuz Noah is hot. Ain’t nobody got time for exercise 

  9. Karl Karla says:

    that “” at the ending though….

  10. norika0330 says:

    He reminds me of Ryan gosling :)

  11. Jason DiLaurentis says:

    Nice bulge.

  12. Jason Quiros says:

    I want to work un Vogue redaction.

  13. Dsky40 says:

    I think my girlfriend just broke up with me after watching this, scary
    thing is, I think it made me break up with her. I just got turned on!! 

  14. msmatou22 says:

    hahaha, if i’d spot a good looking like you in my office, i’d do some other
    special exercises with you 😉 LOL

  15. Bruna Tavares says:

    I’m already know as “the crazy one” at work, imagine if I start doing this
    in the office!!!!

    Anyway that’s fine, I didn’t watch the video for the advice really….. if
    you know what I mean ;)

  16. erika rodriguez says:

    This video doesn’t make me want to excise, it makes me what to watch him

  17. jeff4justice says:

    He’s so Handsome. I’d like a hug from him. 

  18. Milorad Cvetanovic says:

    Gj mate i am doin same like you every day :)) working out every time i can
    wherever and whenever is possible 😀 great video :)