How Uber Rides are Like First Dates

How Uber Rides are Like First Dates

Who talks first? And what if he’s wearing terrible cologne? And what if we get murdered?

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20 Responses

  1. iAmKilljoy says:

    Love the Illuminati Easter eggs you guys put in. Who thought of that idea?

  2. Pie Man says:

    This is gold, so clever lol

  3. Monde Fezile Dlomo says:

    I think I saw a BMW X6 in the background

  4. Thegekogamer says:

    fucking sex jokes everywhere

  5. aaron evans says:

    that charger part though “I think its for Samsung” except that Samsung
    doesn’t have their own dedicated charger

  6. Dj Starbuck (Cross sin) says:

    I used uber one time…just like my dating life :

  7. TheFr3styler says:

    Samsung chargers are smaller than iPhone ones just saying

  8. Kirsch says:

    Firstworldproblems in channel form. Where’s the “Humour”?

  9. tumatauenga says:

    if you don’t own a samsung you’re going to have a bad time

  10. Bryan Camacho says:

    ……and the difference between a taxi and an uber is?

  11. Tim the Skater says:

    wow british people call lance “lahns”? another sad reason not to name my
    kid lance

  12. Shippudenrocks says:

    Best part of the video was that recorder at the end and the home alone
    reference…huge throwback XD

  13. Mariam Namilinga says:


  14. Dulal Saikia says:

    Its uber or tinder? -_-

  15. SooperBeez says:

    this is fucking dumb

  16. Tristanimations OFFICAL says:

    I skipped past the charger part, so it sounded really creepy out of context

  17. hero john says:

    Lance has a 5star xD so you know his to good to be true

  18. not a troll account says:

    buzzfeed is the donald trump of youtube, college humor is the bernie
    sanders of youtube. and last but definitely least, youtube red is the
    hillary clinton of life

  19. Ur0pinionDoesntCount says:

    CH sucks now

  20. MrPornogoregrinder says:

    What college intern wrote this? Tell that hack he ain’t going to make if