How Weather Reports Should Be

How Weather Reports Should Be

Because at the end of the day, you just want someone to tell you what to wear. Right?
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20 Responses

  1. Zackhario Nii says:

    Nat please, don’t be redonkulous.

  2. Kistilan says:

    I think you’re doing it wrong — heavy and deep is definitely a good way to

  3. thecultchie says:

    Once it gets above 12 I put shorts on

  4. whitwhit87 says:

    Lmao when did it become 2015? Time has just been flying these past years…

  5. Sally Bortey says:

    One word for you Natalie, one word…


  6. rofyle says:

    Yes, you should bring a jumper. And a sweater too in case your jumper gets
    cold. Don’t want him jumping while he’s cold.

  7. mixs1003 says:

    I always wear a jacket when it’s cold, but I walk so much I get too warm
    and uncomfortable, so I end up just taking it off. Then I’m just walking
    down the street in -0 temperatures. It’s a super power

  8. ocr96 says:

    Come to Canada for bi-polar weather. Furnace on in the morning with air
    conditioning on by noon.

  9. Mias blueeyes says:


  10. Daniel Moran says:

    Please become a weather person. I would watch you every morning.

  11. SOPHIE 亮瑄 says:

    Your video always make me laugh
    Love u~~~

  12. Jam Sandwich says:

    Haha your winter is coming as your temperatures plummet into the mid teens
    our temperatures soar into the low teens….. At best 

  13. neogafdice says:

    18c isn’t cold at all, but 18f is balls cold

  14. WhatDidJustHappen101 says:

    You Australians with your weather… +18 C is almost considered summer here
    in Finland. 

  15. uli azeredo says:

    18°C, people from Brazil wear sweaters

  16. MrKise93 says:

    Use your feet to measure the temperature! :D

  17. 428ghost says:

    The Aussie definition of ‘cold’ is cute. Visit Canada, Nat!

  18. humor86 says:

    Good thing about nearly always being warm is that my female friends use me
    for warmth when they are cold. So much win!

  19. Philip says:

    You sweet summer child… what do you know of the cold in Australia?

  20. daveyfour99 says:

    Natalie… maybe your tshirt would be enough if you unrolled the sleeves.
    You could get an extra inch of coverage. Oh shit you probably use the
    metric system don’t you. Divide by 4… carry the 3… you could get an
    extra .05 kilometers of coverage on your arms.