How We’re Equipping 25 Crown Vics With NITROUS and ROLL CAGES For Our Freedom 500 Race!

How We’re Equipping 25 Crown Vics With NITROUS and ROLL CAGES For Our Freedom 500 Race!

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We had some fun today AND talked about our equipment we’re using for the Freedom 500 cars!
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57 Responses

  1. Mat LS Marchant Racing says:

    Cleetus has put his own time and money to create this channel. I can’t forget about the rest of the team James Cooper Jeremy George Laz JH. It’s not easy to build race fail record edit. I’m happy for all you guys.

  2. Frenzyy says:

    “I can hear the eagles coming in the air tonightttt”

  3. Jyt says:

    I read about a guy getting kicked out of a store for trying to buy like 15 cases of mountain dew. Somehow, the photo wasn’t Cleetus

  4. Steven Bates says:

    “It’s just like Indy car…”

    Um negative, it’s better than Indy car!

  5. Lowrider Bug says:

    Cleetus “only rule is we can’t shoot each other.”

    Cue audible groan of disappointment from James 🤣

  6. SamLovesCars34 says:

    Geez! That’s more nitrous than a….. Than a Hippy Jam-band parkin’ lot Jamboree!!

  7. Parker Henderson says:

    Cleetus bought out the whole Vice City Police Department.

  8. EFormance Engineering says:

    *Florida men get pulled over while driving around in a retired police car with a target painted on the side*

  9. Jake Johnson says:

    Cleeter!!! the reason the trigger is two fingers long is to “walk” the trigger, and your fingers will alternate and double the rpm’s on the rounds!! Index finger then middle etc etc.

  10. Jay says:

    Cleetus: “We’re goin’ unlimmited hopper boys!”
    Also Cleetus: “I think James is DQ-ed…”

  11. ricecakeFTW says:

    “you didn’t have a tippman 98 custom?”


    Man, that’s like the AK47 of paintball lol

  12. draxx Sklounst says:

    You should get a badge like the “ForEd” one for Matt that says “ForMark”

  13. waimeagavin808 says:

    I’m sad you guys are destroying all these beautiful panthers so young in there lives.

  14. Razersurf says:

    There’s a legendary spot in the game, a bridge..”

    Pewdiepie: *sweats*

  15. DirtySouthTV says:

    Nitrous connected to a taxi light on top of each Crown Vic. Everyone will know when the spray is being hit, track people, racers, audience etc.

  16. Jose Montoya says:

    The winning crown Vic should be parked at the entrance of the freedom factory, as a statue for winning the first official race. I’ll look lit.

  17. Jose Montoya says:

    James is that one friend we all have that’s naturally good at anything.

    • Caleb P says:

      Jose Montoya And for others of us, James is the one friend who is naturally good at everything that we all wish we had

    • MAXNAZ 47 says:

      @Caleb P Not everyone is humble enough to appreciate having a friend who is good at everything… If you’re that guy and have a great group of friends, don’t take them for granted because you will find yourself all alone without any friends at all…

    • Caleb P says:

      MAXNAZ 47 I’m not quite following what your saying. And just to clarify what I was saying: I wish I had a James.

  18. FiveTwoMX says:

    Imagine working at the auction place and some dude in his mid 20’s comes in and buys out every single crown Vic 😂

  19. Jim Johanson says:

    Man bought the entire Alachua County Sheriff’s office’s fleet

  20. R. S. says:

    16:46 – Coupe with the “One Is the Loneliest Number,” reference again shows that: Coupe’s The Coolest Dude on the Channel.

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