Hozier – Someone New

Hozier – Someone New

‘Hozier’ the debut album featuring ‘Someone New’ is out now!
Official Store & Vinyl – http://po.st/HozierD3
Amazon – http://po.st/HozierAm3
iTunes – http://po.st/HozieriT3

Listen to Hozier now on Spotify – http://po.st/CompleteHozier

Music video by Hozier performing Someone New. (C) 2015 Rubyworks Limited, under assignment to Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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20 Responses

  1. 오준석 says:

    Hozier keep up the good work!!Im looking forward on your next album…

  2. Anne Caringal says:

    Isn’t she the chick from The Mockingjay part II?

  3. Borjan Najdoski says:

    She dies in the end of season 5 ! HA ! I got you ,she will live but her
    whole family dies while she fucks Jamie !

  4. Zack Finta says:

    How could you not fall in love with Margaery Tyrell!

  5. Leonardo Silva says:

    This actress is just amazing, and the songincredible too!

  6. Tate Birchmore says:

    Perfectly encapsulates the tragedy of trying to appease loneliness through
    sporradic encounters on the path to finding the authentic self and true
    connection. Hozier is legit with his expression and emotional depth. ~
    Tate’s Mom

  7. digy1st says:

    Why doesn’t this ever happen to me? Great, Natalie Dormer goes around town
    kissing random guys and no one tells me about it.

  8. LyricsPro says:

    Only blue or black days?
    Only white or gold days!

  9. disinfect777 says:

    What a whore. She even makes out with a nigger. Can you sink any lower?
    What’s next? A dog? A muslim?

  10. Julia Travassos says:

    Ai como eu amo a música, queria que não me fizesse chorar 

  11. Jersey Girl says:


  12. btgreenday says:

    did we miss the chance to make natalie dormer bisexual

  13. Sarahh x says:

    Amazing! Natalie…she’s such a stunner

  14. Paul Haries says:

    I didn’t know Natalie’s *that* hot. Nice song! Love the cinematography.

  15. Catherine Boleyn says:

    I find natalie dormer beautiful
    Because she has a unique
    And unusual face ♡♥

  16. Box0rz says:

    ATTENTION PEOPLE! These negative comments about Natalie are all made by the
    same person and he’s upvoting his own comments with alt accounts. Please
    report all the comments if you see them, thank you!

  17. Bernadeta Ďuriačová says:

    OMG Natalie Dormer :*

  18. cosmaaaa says:

    sad and miserable meaning of the video, the melody of this song doesn’t fit
    with the lyrics though

  19. Nate Lyless says:

    Omg i can’t believe Natalie Dormer is in this video! I love her and her
    haircut is dope

  20. Jeremy James says:

    One of my favorite songs and i love trying to sing it in the car… and it
    stares Natalie Dormer.. WOW…