Hozier – Work Song

Hozier – Work Song

“Hozier” the debut album is out now!
Official Store & Vinyl – http://po.st/HozierD3
Amazon – http://po.st/HozierAm3
iTunes – http://po.st/HozieriT3

Listen to Hozier on Spotify – http://po.st/CompleteHozier

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20 Responses

  1. Brandi Marie says:

    I’m already obsessed.

  2. Anh Phạm says:

    why hasn’t he made a MV for It will come back? For me, it’s the second best
    song in this album. it gives me chill, total expolsion of emotion 

  3. gloria guzman says:

    This is perfect imperfection, I love it!!!!

  4. Aaliyah Atcha says:

    What a beautiful video for a beautiful song! Absolutely loved this

  5. Lindsay Jo says:

    a music video! ahhh <#

  6. Blenny33 says:

    “New music” this week. Please.

  7. Gabriel Maza says:


  8. beachbabeee7890 says:

    Ughhhh I love it when he does that smile at 2:57 

  9. Kevin Cantúa ♥_♥ says:

    You did it again Hozier

  10. Liliana Maili Barrios Rodríguez says:

    This is so fucking great!!! 

  11. Reanne Alysone says:

    Time just stopped for three minutes and thirty-seven seconds.

  12. Kravitzs says:


  13. Deborah Lamberti says:

    I love it!

  14. KatieK Holmes says:

    Hozier’s voice is so good i can’t go a day without listening to him 

  15. Jelena just Jeлeнa says:

    Cause my baby’s sweet as can be
    She give me toothaches just from kissin me..

  16. Supergirl S says:

    It gives me goosebums 

  17. Benji says:

    Why doesn’t this have more views!?

    Beautiful song! <3

  18. Melody Nayson says:

    *I totally love his voice*

    *I also love **+Joanna and Alexandra**’s voices.They are unique
    artists.They can do so many great things.They are beautiful and
    talented.WOW.THEY DESERVE TO BE FAMOUS.super super excited to be their
    fan..Just watch their videos and you will be obssessed with them too.*

  19. Lucas Pereira says:

    MDS, eu não acredito… :'(, Amo, amo, amo… É uma pena que no Brasil não
    tenha o CD, só tem nas plataformas…
    Onw Hozier <3 te amo... <3 

  20. turbochargemak says:

    You never disappoint you are amazing.