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20 Responses

  1. sweiland75 says:

    Candice wasn’t invited or didn’t want to go?

  2. Franky Tech says:

    Congrats on going to oscar Casey. Maybe I missed in the vlog but are you
    going to keep the samsung products. If you are it will be interesting to
    see you review an them, especially the Samsung galaxy S7.

  3. mattmakesvideos says:

    When she’s a virgin at 0:53

  4. Luis Papi34 says:

    please make a 360 video !!!

  5. Goose Goose says:

    I have got to stop watching your blogs. I’m not Worthy!

  6. hOnG k0nG fu3y says:

    shame your going to the Oscars this year. Its had a lot of negative press,
    and for good reason :(

  7. fritz ursos says:

    Danm! You are so lucky to try out the new samsung galaxy 7

  8. Thegoatt84 says:

    Please wear formal shoes… *Congrats on your achievements Casey, one can
    never reach the pinnacle of what can be achieved, and you define this very
    well, the moon among the stars* I’ll be rooting for you and Leo. Man, I am
    so jealous of your life and so proud of you!

  9. targa florio says:

    Guess it won’t be long until these Vlogs are edited on Samsung machines and
    not Apple.

  10. Lucas Schepp says:

    casey the s7 is a fantastic phone u should use it instead of the
    iphone…also u complained about the charging case for the iphone…the s7
    is coming out with a mophie charging case like on the s6 and it is a
    fantastic case becuase the design is much nicer and has great material

  11. WillisTheSnowman says:

    Candice looked p#$$ed that she wasn’t going to the Oscars!

  12. Matthew Calderon says:

    One time my flight got delayed 3 hours right before it took off so I got
    there at 3am and there was people cleaning and the people on the plane

  13. Ray Anthony Michaud says:

    Looking forward to your oscar vlog. And that hotel room looks amazing!!!

  14. Michael Satre says:


  15. Serg K says:

    This is so SOOO good, I like!

  16. Alfredo Cid says:

    Why isn’t Casey supporting people of color by boycotting the Oscars ?

  17. Jorge jr Holy shirts & pants says:


  18. -Star-Rocker- Wooz says:

    The ending, I saw hot Cheetos. I got so happy.

  19. Radiated Gamer says:

    Holt shitikies the S7 looks mad dope

  20. Ethan M says:

    What hotel is that?