Huge Bird Lands On Fan’s Head At Seattle Seahawks Game – 11/9/14

Seahawks vs Giants – Watch as the Seahawks mascot, Taima the Augur hawk, lands on a fans head before kickoff.

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20 Responses

  1. jack bean says:

    If you watch the entire video, Ray Rice happened to be near the bird when
    this happened and instantly jumped up and dragged the bird into an
    elevator. Lets just say that bird will never miss its mark again.

  2. lightyears2go says:

    give that man a Bird-Away Net Toupee®!

  3. jeff2all says:

    Hawk: This kill is kinda of hefty, I’ll have leftovers for a whole week!

  4. Mainsail76 says:


  5. John Sauerbrun says:

    Excellent. And the guy had no problem, even stroked the bird’s feathers.
    I’m a huge animal lover, and this guy is most righteous in that regard. I
    wish I could have such luck…

  6. Nizm0350z says:

    That’s fucking awesome! Cards fan here….. 

  7. XxDakoXx20 says:

    That birds got big balls to venture near humans.

  8. SiCklMindz says:


  9. Decent Person says:

    Poor guy’s trying to play it off cool, but his head looks like a tomato 

  10. tim23tom23 says:

    Aaaww Maaaaan! I want to feel chosen too!

  11. Gio Gogilashvili says:

    🙂 Cool right ? i always wanted to have one…

  12. Watch4Me says:

    Imagine if it picked up a kid and just flew away.

  13. Brit Stormy says:

    Is that bird a seahawk? ^o^

  14. sonicxrandomness says:

    Glad to see this mascot doesn’t squirt “lotion” while atop of the Seahawk
    Fan’s head. O.O

  15. Don Julio says:

    can you imagine how embarrassing it must have been to be molested by a bird
    like that in public! poor guy probably shat him self >:O!!

  16. Oussama amrani says:

    wtf i wouldnt know wot to do in a situation like this lol

  17. marsdog says:

    dont hawks have pretty sharp talons?

  18. Champion Sadali says:

    and this is how the zombie apocalypse starts . guy who touched the bird at

  19. rocket141 says:

    That’s a sign of good luck that man will blessed for many moons.

  20. tamaz mindorashvili says: