HUGE problem at the new house…

HUGE problem at the new house…

NEW Line just Dropped!! —

Can’t believe this happened… there is a HUGE problem at the new house… I take Maverick and my mom up to the new house that we are about to get… while we are filming around in the backyard maverick has already broken something and we are afraid to tell the owners cause they already told us not to film there before… after that we head down to the tanasy factory and have a solid scooter and tramp session… I take a step back and realize the crazy life i live and i have you guys to thank for it… FOX FAM you the best!



Sony 16-35mm Lense

Rode Microphone

SD Card


Canon G7 X Mark II

TFOX Signature Scooter Wheels!


SNAPCHAT – tannerfoxx


outro song!

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64 Responses

  1. Emily Vaudry says:

    Hiii I love u guys

  2. minny charlie says:

    Hi your the best

  3. NCJ says:

    Whoever needs some awesome copyright free music, WE got you!🔥🙌

  4. Owen Perry says:

    Please keep doing what you do and never stopped

  5. Luca Ridler says:

    It’s my bday

  6. The New Ninja says:


  7. Breanna Young says:

    Hi tannerfox love all ur videos

  8. Anthonnela Medina says:

    Who likes the intro song 0:10 litttt ode 😍

  9. Carson Barker says:

    The tunnels are like the rug tunnel explore all of the tunnels

  10. shmitty 4 fitty says:

    Bro the clip of Maverick breaking the zip line is GOLD!😂😂😂

  11. Panda Panda says:

    Is Taylor moving In with u

  12. SWAGBoZZ Gaming says:

    My right ear feels neglected

  13. revell kastan says:

    Please do video with Taylor

  14. Chase RB says:


  15. Kylie Hartley says:

    what if tanners mom broke the zipline then SHE had to tell maverick and tanner

  16. Carson Barker says:

    The zip line fail was pretty funny I wonder if somebody is going to put that on try not to lagh

  17. KZ says:

    Thanks for using the music homie!!

  18. Lauren Alley says:

    I recognize the house… anyone remember which vlog he showed more of it in?

  19. 2SaucyUtuber Vlogs says:

    I exspected a mansion but that’s a regular house, just with more land. Hmmm I thought that was supposed to be exiting. I guess the clickbait is real. Where I come from, Connecticut has houses like that and some of the regular houses look better than that. Well what did I expect. It’s 2018, I forgot there is a such thing as clickbait. 😉 hehe.

  20. Joshua Pierce says:

    Tanner is lit 🔥 I know for sure one day I will make a funny video with him. Remember this comment 💫

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