Hugh Jackman Rescues Kids From Drowning in Sydney Beach !!

Hugh Jackman Rescues Kids From Drowning in Sydney Beach !!

Hugh Jackman Rescues His Son & Other Swimmers From Drowning in Sydney’s Bondi Beach !!: AUSTRALIAN actor Hugh Jackman was hoping for a leisurely swim at Sydney’s most famous beach but soon found himself in the middle of the action.

Nine News television crews captured footage of Jackman and several other swimmers struggling in a rip at Bondi Beach on Saturday afternoon.

Jackman, in a black rashie, is seen helping pull a man to safety before gesturing for other swimmers to move clear of the dangerous currents.

Hugh Jackman played a real-life action hero Saturday, reportedly rescuing his son and other swimmers from dangerous surf at Bondi Beach.

In this dramatic footage obtained by Nine News, the rashie-clad Jackman is seen pulling a man by the arm, leading him and his companion away from a rip. He also helps a boy, reported to be his 15-year-old son Oscar, from dangerous surf.
Credits: 9News

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Hugh Jackman rescues children from drowning

Hugh Jackman ‘rescues son’ from dangerous surf at Bondi Beach

Hugh Jackman helps children from rip at Bondi Beach

Hugh Jackman rescues his two children and strangers from dangerous rip at Bondi Beach

Hugh Jackman helps rescue swimmers caught in rip at Sydney’s Bondi Beach

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20 Responses

  1. Abel Garcia says:


  2. Johnny Jungle says:

    Dat ass tho

  3. Jack Ryan says:

    Go wolverine go!

  4. IGotNoname NoSurename says:

    i think you forgot to put in the part where he saves someone

  5. Jacob Mennuti says:

    Hey 9News can you make your watermark any bigger? I can’t see it.

  6. Tenzin Kunga says:

    tas not his wives a..???

  7. 8Things says:

    For all the negative people who are saying that ” HE DIDN’T SAVE SHIT ”
    first of all video didn’t capture the whole thing, the rescue teams were
    standing there still, and the man he is holding was going to fall down due
    to pressure of wave and he pull him up (he said to a news site) also he was
    actually saving his son oscar but was also waving and guiding other
    swimmers who didn’t know what to do….also the bondi beach was closed
    after that you can see in the news blogs….people just can’t see someone
    famous doing something good and they start saying that its staged… -_-
    dumb shits

  8. Wes The Hunter says:

    Very…. Anti Climactic …. i was expecting big massive fuck off waves
    sweeping people under water and browning then and Mr Jackman Flying into
    the water and saving people

  9. Autum French says:

    is that Robert DeNiro with Jackman at the beginning?

  10. Mikal Collins says:

    umm where is he saving someone?

  11. Ernext Tacuri says:

    saw nothing here !!

  12. murica lover says:

    To quote our lord and savior Jobel:

    HUGE JACKMAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  13. TheMasterquif says:

    Wolverine > water

  14. Table Pocket says:

    When I saw that guy with the camera I thought,’Is he just going to stand
    there and take pictures?’ but then I realized he saw Hugh Jackman and knew
    everything was going to be okay.

  15. Table Pocket says:

    Calling people back onto the shores has worked many times! Haven’t you
    played Pikmin?

  16. Liam Peeters says:

    It looks.% It’s really amazing badge sun What’s your opinion about it,#guys

  17. don ray says:

    Where is the rescue?

  18. Mason Ting says:

    Real life hero.

  19. colon hansen says:

    I guess he’s a method actor now

  20. Luis Francisco says:

    The hero sydney needs but not the one it deserves