Hulk Hogan pays tribute to “Mean” Gene Okerlund: Raw, Jan. 7, 2019

Hulk Hogan pays tribute to “Mean” Gene Okerlund: Raw, Jan. 7, 2019

The Hulkster returns to celebrate the life and career of his longtime friend, “Mean” Gene Okerlund.


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62 Responses

  1. Rey Rey Bro's says:

    Hulk hogan thank for doing the speech for him thank you so much ??

  2. LoneWolf1994 says:

    RIP Mean Gene. This is sad.

    • C. C. says:

      Perseus,we are 100% clear with the squint of the eyes 104 in wood with 666 and one piece each “screen if needed,and note I use to threw up 110’s”,n.r.f.,n.d.f.,Gothic Cathredal,not dumb. “is this what you been tring to say “Courty”,yes,Martini with a Gothic Cross on hand-cuff that H. of R. image “very important you didn’t choke mate,forever . . .

    • Deepak Jha says:

      Hulk I’m sorry WWE TLC table ladder chair

    • Whitney Leachman says:

      LoneWolf1994 I’m crying so bad now

  3. Delores Richardson says:

    I going to miss Mean Gene.

  4. Danimal1177 says:

    How wonderful it would be to see Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior against Roddy Piper and Mr. Perfect with Andre as the referee, being introduced by Mean Gene, and the match being called by Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.

  5. Jamie says:

    Hogan: “I wanna let all you guys know, Mean Gene loved entertaining, and he loved entertaining everybody here in the Silverdome”

  6. Burton Pierre says:

    Sad part is i bet half of the young people there in person don’t know who is Mean Gene Okerlund is! I know who he is I will miss him and never forget his interviews with wrestlers! He is a legend!! Its not a knock on the young people. I grew up watching Mean Jean do his interviews with legend with the likes of Hulk hogan and Macho man randy Savage and mr. Perfect and Andre the gaint!

    • Geddo says:

      Understandable, though. No one under the age of 40 will remember the first Wrestlemania.

    • Mike's Dead Formats says:

      I think most do. Anyone with the WWE network has been exposed to him.

    • bdegrds says:

      Very sad that the young generation isn’t interested in anything but themselves

    • Alex George says:

      It’s not sad that young people don’t know anything about wrestling legends who were before their time. I’m sure there’s wrestling legends who you know nothing about either. Don’t be so ignorant.

    • Parampreet Singh Sudan says:

      Agreed. I only know Hulk Hogan and Andre the giant. Never heard of others and Mean Gene but will look their videos up.

  7. Nuclear Walnut says:

    Put your damn phones down!

    • DeAngelo R says:

      +Bailey Reichert but this is not the funeral. This is sports entertainment. My father just passed, and there was a viewing. I took my last pic of him. At the funeral… I gave a speech to brighten up the family. That’s on my dad’s side, and I’m 32. I was hurt, but had to keep a smile for them. There’s time to show respect, which they did in the first couple of minutes of the show. I get what you’re saying, trust me I do. But this is not a funeral either.

    • Mider-Span Man says:

      It’s impossible now.

    • Anonymous Spy says:

      Bailey Reichert That’s what i am saying i don’t mind mene gene signs or even chants of his name but what sneaker addiction said was stupid that people should be cheering and waving signs while mourning a death.

    • Anonymous Spy says:

      Yeah but not cheering as a man passed if anything it would be better to stay quite and just chant his name.

  8. finisher3x says:

    3:30 – 4:13 . . . Kind of hard to believe that all of those former WWF stars that he named . . are dead. Hulk is like the last one left from that era.

    • KingKong2329 says:

      Don’t Forget that Ric Is still alive

    • David Jones says:

      not just that is also the 2 names that should’ve been an Wrestlemania worthy match yes I’m talking about Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, I’m still feeling the effects of Wrestlemania 8

    • Taufik Rahman says:

      @finisher3x Yeah. Its similar to the Hart Foundation. They all gone except for Bret Hart left. The leader of the Hart Foundation is the sole survivor. ?

    • tonshaad1230 says:

      Just imagine if Hogan dies… Then truly the last of the Golden era and the most IMPORTANT star of it would be it.

    • Crispin Mallenroh says:

      Jesus Christ hearing all of those names hurt.

  9. Gaurav Dubey says:


  10. dragon hell says:

    I feel sad for hogan…he lost all of his friends

  11. TheDarkRaptor says:

    glad to see hogan back

  12. Shane Fagan says:

    Hulk doing the promo at the end got me, RIP mean Gene

  13. Andrew Carlisle says:

    This is more justified then when they did a ten bell salute to George H.W. Bush. At least Mean Gene was actually in the professional wrestling business, George Bush wasn’t.
    *_Rest in peace, “Mean” Gene Orkerlund._*

    • dont worry says:

      Andrew Carlisle I’m not American but George senior is respected around the world. Nixon is the worst president and if every leader or country had a chance, they would def spit on his grave.

    • Roborav says:

      dont worry Most people would also spit on the Bush family for illegal wars and thousands of people dead.

  14. Glory Mosby says:

    Hogan in character doing that Mean Gene promo really hit me in my heart making me reminisce about the Rock n Wrestling days!! Such an awesome time

  15. Vicarson Gownellis says:

    Hulk Hogan Still Got It

  16. Vikashar says:

    He was the right person to do this. The only person.

  17. Lunatic says:

    *When it comes crashing down it hurts inside*

  18. Justin says:

    This is a great segment. I love Hulk Hogan and what he did for wrestling. He didn’t take any spotlight away from Okerland by alluding to the very natural truth that there are a lot of wrestlers and personnel in, what the Honky Tonk Man calls, the Great Battle Royal in the Sky. People need to forgive others their mistakes after they have paid for them. Hogan was ostracized from the WWE for three years and the company made the right move in the ostracism and the bringing him back.

    • gst013 says:

      +Devante Montgomery I was a big Hogan fan growing up too, but the bottom line is that he seems like a really selfish, arrogant human being. The whole Gawker lawsuit was ridiculous and shameful. Hulk Hogan may be a legend, but Terry Bollea seems to not even remotely be a decent human being.

    • Deepak Jha says:

      Ha ha per Abhi Bhoot biure lag Ra ha

    • Justin Fortner says:

      The same people that want Hulk Hogan banned foe life are the same people that want to give Kevin Hart a free pass. People make mistakes all the time. Move on.

    • element 1304 says:

      He was selfish when he wrestled

    • Mazroon M says:

      +Legendary Weapon His spot was to memorialize Gene. What black guy should have done that? Virgil? Koko?

  19. Jamie Bardon says:

    Hogan can still cut a promo better than most of the people on the Roster today!

  20. munish kumar says:

    hulk hogan entrance music gives me chills, WWE is giving respect to its WWF superstars only when they die. Here is hulk hogan who is been there with WWE from 1980 and still looks better, not getting proper respect.who on earth has not done anything wrong? everyone. but if a person regrets the mistake she should be given 2nd chance.wwe should look at its chairman who used to do molestation on the name of script openly. Hulk Hogan is a Gem of WWE.

    • AntPS4Gamer says:

      Maybe he’s not being featured that regularly because he’s a big racist and a crazy backstage politician

    • randumbvideoz 524 says:

      +AntPS4Gamer hogan is not racist just cause he said the big “N” word don’t make you racist look at Snoop Dog he is a WWE Hall of Famer Just listen to his lyrics in his music.

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