Hungry For Power Games: Are You, Are You… Who Are You?

Hungry For Power Games: Are You, Are You… Who Are You?

Two more brave tributes have fallen due to their unfortunate past as elected officials.

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20 Responses

  1. Jimmy Owens says:

    this is why Colbert is the best and funniest late night show host on tv

  2. aperson22222 says:

    Pataki wasn’t a moderate, he was a liberal. He did have a good record for
    compromise and working across the aisle, with Bruno and Silver–both of
    whom, I believe, wound up doing hard time on corruption charges.

  3. Aidyn3000 says:


  4. Isaac Lifer says:

    This banter is priceless

  5. Ce Schudeck says:

    He said “cabbage patch” .. ,but i heard “cottage catch” and thought “log
    cabin republican” ..

  6. Mk Injustice says:

    Bobby jenidel for president 2016

  7. timothy heisdorf says:

    who is this disrespectful fuck?

  8. Steven Krazier says:

    I can’t stand watching this left winger.

  9. Ricky Stecz says:

    not funny

  10. LoquaciousApe says:

    Would not mind smoking some wacky patacki myself.

  11. Sean Eredia says:

    Sa tingin ko si grace poe mananalo

  12. Ah M says:

    You Americans are really fucked. if you get a Republican president, say
    good buy to the Supreme Court for the next twenty years. Cuz whoever is
    president next year gets to pick 1 possibly two supreme court judges which
    would give dems or republicans majority for a long time. aka expect to be
    ruled by the bible.

  13. Bob swaget says:

    Colbert is a straight up savage

  14. Luca Knight says:

    Very Brave! Hi how’s it goingB entertain hole $ !!

  15. B. Eder says:

    Oh they “Undeleted” the comments again.
    Now the Sock Puppets Attack!
    Soooo Scared!

  16. Michael Leung says:

    I miss Letterman

  17. Barbara Spezia says:


  18. Barbara Spezia says:

    I’m dead!????

  19. tan tran says:

    Colbert seems to be getting better and better ever since he was given this

  20. Deathsbastardbro says:

    Now THIS is how you do news.