Hungry For Power Games: Jeb Has Fallen

Hungry For Power Games: Jeb Has Fallen

The mighty Jeb! fought bravely for the Capital, but sadly, it was not to be.

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20 Responses

  1. Alex G says:

    That reality show part = pure gold

  2. David Rosenberg says:

    anyone notice how lately all they do with bernie is belittle him? even in
    the graphic they put him on the very bottom right but put carson in the top
    3? just one example really but it keeps happening.

  3. Khopesh86 says:

    Dang it. no more JEB! jokes.

  4. blockaderunner says:

    Jeb………..low energy

  5. wilhard45 says:

    A prime time star and he cannot even get a million subscribers? Colbert
    should be fired and the show find someone else before the show itself dies.

  6. Felippe Maz says:

    Please like this comment.

  7. hamsterpoop says:

    Stephen sounds like Marco Rubio

  8. Patricio Fernandez Ayats says:

    Aplaudan!! Por Favor!

  9. Calvin D. R. says:

    Please like my comment.

  10. Edgar Armstrong says:

    Awesome! Viva Colbert!

  11. Nina D. says:

    “…This election is like Survivor. But sadly, Jeb didn’t run an Amazing
    Race. He just didn’t have that X Factor and nothing short of an Extreme
    Makeover could make voters forget his Big Brother.”

    Some damn fucking genius right there. Whoever wrote that deserves a raise.

  12. ImmortalPablo says:

    Now JEB has more time to watch Supergirl

  13. Nina D. says:

    I’m clapping not because of what Jeb said, but because of that “Please
    clap.” line. Fucking hilarious. ?????

  14. IHaveNoLife ILikeBoobsThough says:

    I just lost my virginity to my dog and mom in a three way.

    Please clap

  15. Roman Espla says:

    Pafuera! XD

  16. joujou264 says:

    Honestly, he could’ve continued, if only to keep votes from falling into
    Trump’s and Cruz’s hands.

  17. Buenomars says:

    Ben Carson is still in the race? Please nap.

  18. TheRavencastle says:

    Savage !! :D

  19. subham kundu says:

    just a fact check: tortoise and turtles are different things.

  20. Green Brain Seaside says:

    it was pleasurable to watch Jeb! grilled. sad part is that, whatever left,
    is shittier