Hurricane Dorian 5 a.m. advisory Sept. 2

Hurricane Dorian 5 a.m. advisory Sept. 2

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  1. White Mail Privilege says:

    Bahamas can’t catch a breath. Dorian just sits on their face.

  2. ツSurgzX says:

    I’m scared I’m in florida oof

  3. Kaye Latty says:

    Lord have mercy.

    • Laborer in the field says:

      @groovidg God has mercy on everybody…check for instance your attitude…He has mercy on you right now and those in the world that keep denying Him and using his name in vain as a curse word…will you use your Mother’s name or Dad’s name as a curse word? I don’t think so…

    • groovidg says:

      @Laborer in the field.. Everybody? I expected such a response. God can send the winds and not flip a garage can across the street? God can also send a message. It’s Gods Truth and Justice that should not be ignored. Yet His mercy and love are endless. Those that are His He will be with. Those that now find Him convenient find themselves perplexed about His authenticity. Or should you be reminded of the Flood and Sodom and Gomorrah..

    • Verona Ebanks says:

      God is angry with our godlessness is our world. He is showing who is the chosen one the king od isreal

    • Windreaver256 says:

      Ya’ll are just a bunch of religious nutcases

  4. LaToya Sharday says:

    Have they heard from Jenise???

  5. Steve Wilcox says:

    I cannot believe how slowly this storm is moving with this power those poor people they don’t stand a chance it will be a miracle if no one is killed

  6. 10susan10 says:

    7:35 AM Sept 2 – NOAA SPGF1 – Settlement Point, GBI, Bahamas wind 45kt

  7. Betty Grable says:

    1935 record and that was the last time that Uranus was in Taurus and now 84 year cycle  Uranus is in Taurus once again … Welcome back my Friends to the Show that never ends

  8. killer krok says:

    Cay is pronounced key always makes me laugh when people say Sweeting Kay.

  9. Steve Wilcox says:

    Looks like Bahamas are gonna be wiped out

  10. Kevin Bowers says:

    Her left one is a little bigger but collectively they are the Cuban Missile Crisis

  11. Alyssa Dyer says:

    Last time I went to the Bahamas it was a week or so after they were hit by a hurricane. They were still up and ready for business after. I guess that’s a plus side of still being part of the common wealth.

  12. Warren G. says:

    It’s already jogging to the north. Missed a bullet.

  13. Cole Urquhart says:

    if america is the most technological how is it we dont have a spaghetti noodle ?

  14. Kendall Rose says:

    What a great time for this Canadian to be on vacation in Florida :))))))

  15. Grunt TheRunt says:

    Damn missed it by that much…welp another year of “gee Florida man” stories.

    • R Wm says:

      Grunt TheRunt missed? Where? Dorian’s most likely going to damage many thousands of Florida homes via flooding, causing billions of dollars of damage

  16. Clinton Pough says:

    I live on the same street as Zoo Miami, so Hurricane Dorian is pretty much a none issue for us in Miami Dade, Hakuna Matata. ?

  17. ACG Medical says:

    And this has nothing to do with God and everything to do with warm water temperatures increasing the strength of the storm and the less land it reaches the faster it cyclones. It’s all science. God can maybe make it curve left or right but it can’t dissipate a hurricane by clicking a finger. Be logical people…I am a Roman Catholic and my faith doesn’t get involved with science. In my world of medicine, children die from cancer because of weakened immune systems, it has nothing to do with god. The ones who live end up not getting fatal infections and their chemo takes to their body to rebuild their cells. It’s all science now.

    • michelle flick says:

      God can maybe? Sounds a lot like the guy who said to Jesus, “If you can….” Regardless how much science you use, it is in God’s hands and your days are numbered.Always was, always will be, no matter what age.

  18. Larry M says:

    I am 65, I have never seen a Hurricane move so slow and be so strong. This is a rip it to hell anything in it’s path storm.

  19. puggles luv says:

    What about the nuclear power plant it’s headed exactly to it

  20. IAM Me says:

    Hurray the Port Lucy, Nuclear Power Plant. Has been preserved !!

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