Hydro Dipping A Pair of Crocs

Hydro Dipping A Pair of Crocs

Obviously… the main problem with my hydro dipped pair of crocs is that they are just too cool to even exist I’m kidding we for some reason picked up acrylic spray paint instead of regular spray paint, although I’m not 100% sure if regular spray paint would work better or worse, probably just differently or at least not crack and flake off as easily. But yes I wound up with just essentially painted crocs WHICH IS STILL BADASS AND YES I LEAVE AN ART TRAIL WHEREVER I GO. But will probably eventually flake off entirely even with the layer of sealant. I would definitely recommend this form of fun having however! I had a 10/10 time doing it and although I would have liked to have had a beautiful long lasting pair of crocs to wear, I think I might give it another go with a different type of paint and absolutely love the effect it created. Below are the clips that I used from people (more successfully and knowledgeably) hydro dipping sneakers as well a pair of crocs that *deeply* inspired me so at least their shoes came out better than mine. But I’m still going to wear mine anyways. I don’t really care. I hope this inspired you to have some hydro dip fun in the future or to check out some videos on youtube because they are in fact very relaxing to watch. Anyways I gotta go vacuum everything my feet touched. Goodbye have a good day.

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36 Responses

  1. amandamassacreee says:

    i agree with the other cmnts hydro dip your plant pots !!

  2. Sara Aldrich says:

    Oh my god Jenna’s stream of consciousness description is back and I was suddenly thrown back to like 2010 ??

  3. Akío Aslan says:

    Oh god it makes me feel so anxious that they just don’t let the paint dry

    • OlaCh93 says:

      oh my god same, Jenna complaining for 10 minutes that “this is peeling” but STILL TOUCHES THE THING omg

  4. Space Cadet says:

    I love when Julian cuts to Jenna doing something and then screaming.

  5. Kimberly Tricia says:

    I can see this spiraling so fast.
    “Hydro Dipping My Phone”
    “Hydro Dipping My Wardrobe”
    “Hydro Dipping My Dogs”
    “Hydro Dipping Myself”

  6. Cleo Smith says:

    thx for consistently repping Calgary Alberta. ur a tru champ

  7. Kim says:

    Cristine is QUAKING right now! Are you a witch?!

  8. Zoiee Jai says:

    jenna:i think we should stop
    jenna two seconds later: *splash*

  9. Forever_Timelord says:

    Maybe sand them a little and use fabric paint?
    I’ve seen people use this technique on foam squishies.
    Sanding helps the paint stick and fabric paint is flexible.

  10. KillowCat says:

    I want a croc tan is my favorite Jenna quote now.

  11. Diedre says:

    watermarble mr. Marbles and then you got Jenna Marbles marbles marbles

  12. Goth Mom says:

    If the paint falls off, try to sand the crock with sandpaper to give it some texture for the paint to stick to!

  13. Meow Rchl says:


  14. Kim Chie says:

    Wow, all 5 stages of grief in one crafting video! Very informative stuff.

    (Jenna they look beautiful and you should be proud. I am proud.)

  15. Lilly is trash says:

    “Is mE bIrTh.. cEleBraTe mE…birth . Birth mE.”

    And that everyone is Jenna’s impression of Kermit

  16. Valaya Hart says:

    “Mama’s trying to do art on crocs.”

    My mind immediately: *crarc*

  17. Butt Nugget says:

    We need an update on how much you’ve grown, it’s the middle of the year.

  18. Corinne Collins says:

    a primer would probably help next time, or using fabric spray paint could make it more flexible

  19. Kaija Nalder says:

    “I want a croc tan” *slips them on with socks

  20. kenzie cahl says:

    So excited for next weeks video: “Hydro dipping every single piece of furniture in our house”

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