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43 Responses

  1. KITTY X3 says:

    im not the only one that replayed miranda cutting her hair……RIGHT?

  2. Anya Duz Random Stuff says:

    Miranda: Long Luscious is gorgeous, not short hair.
    Me with my short hair: Excuse me?

  3. Jadah ! says:

    i like how colleen had to cut her hair for broadway, and decided to make a miranda video out of it. yes queen get that content?

  4. Marie Cain says:

    Hello there!
    I sell replay buttons, costs 1 like
    1:58 1:58 1:58
    1:58 1:58 1:58
    1:58 1:58 1:58

  5. Idk Idk says:

    Literally nobody:

    Miranda: Not up here, Down here!

  6. Naya says:

    You can totally tell Colleen was freaking out ?

  7. Cherie Angelia says:

    Miranda: We dont want short hair, we want long hair
    Also Miranda: *cuts hair

  8. TEX _es says:

    When she shouted MOOM I heard her real shouting voice

  9. Heather Podd says:

    i wondered how she’d explain miranda w short hair ??????

  10. Kaylyn W says:

    Who else thinks that brad mondo needs 2 react to this

  11. Bella Swan says:

    1:59 Literally my face when I find out my mom forgot to buy my ramen noodles

  12. Jenfo says:

    You’re a genius at incorporating your real life to Miranda’s life ?

  13. Peacher says:

    Wow, Colleen, your acting skills had improved so much! It was so realistic!

  14. ii_bordness says:

    Miranda:we don’t won’t short hair lady’s
    Me:*causally puts hoodie on*

  15. Princess Faith says:

    This was probably the most stressful video I’ve ever watched, I knew the cut was coming but the suspense was killing me

    • Hey Luigi says:

      Omg I know! I already knew she had to do it bc if her Broadway part, but still this gave me so much anxiety! Haha, even harder when you know how much she loves her hair, but this was a “I-dont-want-to-do-it-but-still-have-to” kinda thing haha.

    • ελλεν V. says:


  16. Donya Khazan says:

    That scared me so much?????????????????????????????????????

  17. Sarah Bryant says:

    This whole video is Colleen hyping herself up to actually chop off her hair

  18. Kathrine Marie says:

    The look on her face when she cut it ?? I’m dead ??????

  19. Mimi must run Mmr says:

    This how many times she said “not up here, down here”

  20. Creeper says:

    I need to see the final reveal… *stop playing with my emotions ?*

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