I Am Transgender

I Am Transgender

I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever to open up about this. It’s finally my time. I love and appreciate every single one of you.
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31 Responses

  1. Maddie and Elijah says:

    We love you so much and are soooo proud of you Saud!!

  2. Madeline and Stephen says:

    Saud, we are so proud of you!!! We will be here for you no matter what. We love you! ❤️

  3. xjust .nicole says:

    Whoever is disliking the video honestly being part of lgbtq+ is not something to be like that and put be down bc of it by ‘disliking’the video honestly- saud were all very proud of u 💗

  4. Khadija Iftikhar says:

    It doesn’t matter what is outside
    It matters what is in the inside
    No matter what
    We’ll always love you ❤️

  5. Yuna wing says:

    Why else would he be good at slapping the other guy that Julia “cheated” on him with

  6. Ariana Paling says:

    to cheer you up i am going to tell my dad and step mom i am bi. you made me proud. now i will try to make you proud….thank you

  7. Val Clark says:

    the fact that you were afraid of speaking is so sad. you should never have to feel ashamed of who you are. we love you sooo much and we are so proud. never apologize for being you, much love

  8. Tammy Bartels says:

    The fact that you were scared to tell people this shows how messed up this world is. Nobody should have to be afraid to tell people who they are 😔 We love you no matter what

  9. Brenna Girardin says:

    Never apologize for not coming out before. You didn’t owe it to anyone to come out. It takes everyone a different amount of time and that’s perfectly okay. But please know how proud I am of you and I will always stand by both you and Jules no matter what. ❤️

  10. Gorey Bits says:

    No one should ever be afraid to let the world know who they really are. Thank you for being Incredibly brave. I hope this inspires others to be themselves without fear of what others might think. In the end, it’s YOU that matters most.

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