I Bought a Bitcoin on Craigslist for $17,300

I Bought a Bitcoin on Craigslist for $17,300

I found a guy on Craigslist selling bitcoin for cash so I wanted to buy one for $17,300. The price has been going crazy for the last month up and down. I want to give something to you guys though so I am doing a giveaway!

WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY: http://www.techsmartt.com/bitcoin

Sign up for a Bitcoin wallet: https://www.coinbase.com/join/588079197c0e1001ca1f6aca

See the actual purchase: https://blockchain.info/tx/e194a050d05fb917cd04b00dad804fef88acc86f540e555e52194eaf0229ec80

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We searched Craigslist in LA and called about five people before I found one who was actually willing to meet and sell us a whole bitcoin. We actually had to end up paying the 5% on the bitcoin, the plug called us back like 30 seconds after we said on video we didn’t need to pay πŸ™ so that brings the total price of the bitcoin we paid $17,300.

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comment β€˜dogecoin’ if u see this πŸ™‚

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62 Responses

  1. TechSmartt says:

    Who wants some BTC? πŸ€‘

  2. moon landing fake says:

    Future rappers:
    I have many robux
    I have many bitcoins
    I have all the grills
    U can never beat me
    Edit: thanks for 37 likes
    My name is jeff
    I am in the final stages of death
    Subscribe to my channel or I’ll eat Ur ass
    Edit 2: Holy frick 106 likes
    No swearing on my Christian server
    500 likes and I’ll eat your ass

  3. Jake Melkun says:


  4. Chris Zimmer says:

    Hellooo Bitcoin trend 😁

  5. Crispened Ham says:

    too many ‘what’s a bitcoin’ comments SMH; here ya go : A BTC, or Bitcoin is an electronic currency (a form of money) invented through the internet. it has no physical form like dollar bills, but is all noted in the ‘blockchain’ (kinda like a recent log of transactions) It is priced kinda like stocks: people buy in; the price of the company (or in this case, currency) goes up; people sell out, price goes down. Unlike stocks, however, instead of being processed through the trade center, things are processed on people’s computers. you can set your computer up to process transactions, and in return you can get a little bit of money (in the form of BTC)

    • Owl Sector says:

      Crispened Ham So what your saying is that if the company goes out of business before you pull out the $$ then you’re absolutely fucked…

    • Someone says:

      There is no company behind BTC. I do recommend checking out Ether / Ethereum, a decentralized blockchain that’s one of the Bitcoin alternatives. Ethereum is much faster and processes way more transactions with less fees.

  6. Moofy says:

    Hmu I need bitcoins πŸ™‚

  7. Josh Mant says:

    This is one of the worst times to purchase Bitcoin. It’s currently at its peak and will soon crash, as has occured thrice in the previous decade. Its value is gonna plummet soon, mark my words.

  8. XxX_chicken nugget_XxX says:

    Doge coin

  9. Jack LouAllen says:

    Bitcoin is at $19160.01 now…

  10. AwesomeTome - EveryThing Awesome says:

    You are cool, bro

  11. aydinisbored says:

    This should be titled
    β€œKeaton spends his life savings on a bitcoin”

  12. etti says:

    You should check out etti, that Christmas sweater isn’t cutting it.

  13. Zachary Alspaugh says:

    It’s up to over 19k it’s lit

  14. Joseph Quintanilla says:

    Hook me up with the bitcoin

  15. Max Ellenbogen says:

    Bitcoin just hit 20000

  16. Mystified 0 says:

    I got a Bitcoin ad on a video about Bitcoins…

    Bonus: It was from Tai Lopez

  17. Geeky ENTHUSIAST says:


  18. JOSE G. says:

    34FRRaidwVAPa9H7ehxT3KrwoeqZxP8ATM i need bitcoin for buy drougs in the deep web… please help me.

  19. iFreak says:

    Good luck everyone. It’s been way long Keatin has come up, Had been your sub for past many years. I remember seeing you having few subscribers haha! Anyways Awesome job brother. Keep up πŸ™‚

  20. Bagel tooth says:

    Buy a physicial Bitcoin…

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