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  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!! welcome to one more internet haul before i dive into some ~other areas~ like ~hair dye~. what do you think of these products? what are the makeup products on your facebook feed?

  2. InspiredBlush says:

    Safff I’m pretty sure you bought fake dermacol!! You should buy the real stuff! Tons of youtubers swear by it!

  3. Mike Hicks says:

    Aren’t the lipstick swatches on the website colourpop swatches?

  4. Frosty Forrest says:

    You should try the app tophatter!!! It’s an app that has 90 seconds auctions for cheap things!!! When I saw an add for it I was THAT IS AN APP MADE FOR SAFIYA!!!

  5. Chloe says:

    You got a fake dermacol. If you order from the official website (which I do) then you would get a sweet smelling mousse like matte product with full coverage.

    Edit: for those who want to know the website is

  6. Calleigh Vincent says:

    No primer, powder or setting spray but honestly I never see ads for those anyway. Your makeup came out so pretty!!!! The eye look is beautiful. I think u got a fake dermacol but for the purposes of the video it did its job . Another awesome video, Saf! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Katherine Flores says:

    I’m actually so mad at how ripped off you got on most of these products 😡😩

  8. Salina Sahawneh says:


  9. lrose says:

    Has Safiya never heard of the Charlotte Tilbury brand?

  10. lettuce says:

    Wunderbrow is a peel-off brow tint, the Dermacol foundation was a fake, the concealer looked really sketchy maybe that’s why it didn’t have any coverage, the liquid highlighter is a knockoff of coverFX or Iconic London’s liquid highlighters, you can get Focallure products on aliexpress for really cheap prices and lastly Charlotte Tilburry is a luxury brand, that’s why it is so expensive 😂

    • October Primavera says:

      I was hunting through the comments to look for one like this. Thank you.

    • Melissa Kovach says:

      For the highlighter, I was definitely thinking crappy Cover FX rip-off. Some of the shade names (including Halo) are the same as the custom enhancer drops.

    • sarah belanger says:

      Wunderbrow is literally just brown liquid lipstick that is why it stays on for so long

    • heyomiin says:

      I can see where the eyebrow “tint” is coming from though. In Korea beauty products, they have eyebrow tints that you either peel off or wash off.

    • heyomiin says:

      And plus I saw another youtuber that reviewed an eyebrow product that has the same cute packaging (The feather quill and bottle) and it was pretty legit unlike the one Safiya reviewed.

  11. D x says:

    Girl, that is a fake Dermacol. The real one is A LOT thicker. The one you received is super liquid-y and was likely made in China, whereas the real one is much thicker and is made in the Czech Republic (but originated in Prague). Check this video out to see how to distinguish the fake from the authentic one:
    (the part discussing the foundations’ texture comparison, the fact that the fake one is super liquid-y, is timestamped at the 12:42 mark)

    You can now buy the real one directly from the brand (whereas before you could only purchase it from eBay or Amazon). Here’s the link to the REAL, authentic one, directly from the US branch of Dermacol:

    Hope this helps!
    Love ya,
    Dina 🙂

  12. somebody cares says:

    you totally got ripped off for the dermacol!!! the real one actually has the amazing coverage you got advertised AND it’s only 12$! not 24!!!

  13. chinmayee says:

    omg saf… you should try those clickbait skincare facebook posts! (you won’t believe what happens! put this gel on your face)

  14. HAS says:

    Flashback mary is shaking

  15. A A says:

    May be, you can make one vegan cruelty-free cosmetic haul?

  16. Eden Elizabeth says:

    You should do a video trying Farah Dhukai’s skin and haircare tips. She makes clickbait-y beauty videos of crazy concoctions she swears will lighten dark spots, grow lashes, and thicken hair. She has 6 million followers on Instagram.

    • unoitnique says:

      If im not mistaken farah owns farsali. And i dont think her tips work, its her genes

    • Eden Elizabeth says:

      unoitnique I don’t think they work either but I would like to see someone genuinely test them out! You’re right, I think she and her husband started Farsali.

  17. Kara Keeline says:

    “why do I feel like we’re on wish” LOL THATS SO TRUE

  18. TajaS says:

    What else do you expect from Charlotte Tilbury, but expensive products? It’s known high end make-up, like Chanel, YSL or Dior! ^^

  19. SuperJanGames says:

    All of this makeup together costs more than several months of rent for me. Yeesh.

  20. Emily Diaz says:

    The girls in the highlighter ad were other YouTubers using the cover fx drops smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

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