I Bought The First 5 Things Insta Celebs Recommended To Me

I Bought The First 5 Things Insta Celebs Recommended To Me

I’ve always wondered what the products were like from Instagram celebrities’ sponsored posts – so I decided to take on the Fit Teas, Sugar Bear Hairs, and Waist Trainers and buy the first 5 things that Instagram celebrities recommended! I browsed the feeds of Kardashians, Jenners, and Bachelorettes, and found 5 sponsored posts to buy products from, and then tried them out for an entire month! What did you guys think of these products?

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Assistant Editor: Emily Linden

Mind The Gap
Bank Job
Whiskey Attitude
Oohs And Ahhs
Bing Bang Bong
Daddy Cool
Big Spender
It’s On You
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68 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO BBs! this one took a ~while~ to be birthed, but I finally got through all of the products! would you try any of these?
    EDIT: also don’t click on anything a fake “safiya nygaard” account asks you to click on!!! its spam!

  2. Kuntcake 88 says:

    I love these and the year/decade videos lol

  3. Anthony Marge says:

    Why do I have the feeling that whitening fluid is bad for your teeth?

    • Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town says:

      I think I’ve heard some whitening toothpastes just have white pigment in them, but they’re not as efficient at whitening your teeth as the ones that destroy the colored enamel of your teeth. The less enamel your teeth have the more they will start having cavities, pain when drinking hot or cold drinks, I’m pretty staining will happen quicker… Simply put, your teeth won’t like it one bit. Just like how nail whitening products wear down the layers of your nail, and make them softer and more prone to break. That’s the reason I didn’t use any whitening products after this nail polish stained my nails *orange,* my nails are really weak and prone to breaking anyway…

    • Olivia Beakman says:

      Just like whitening your nails… Poor Cristine.

    • Your Friendly Neighbourhood Whore says:

      Anthony Marge if you use it too much and too long yes. Dentists always say do a treatment then wait a few days so you dont damage the enamel

    • Cristy C. says:

      Caroline from Germany That’s not true my dentist said it is entirely safe for teeth. You can’t use it for longer than it says to and to take breaks between whitening products.

    • Cristy C. says:

      They have teeth whitening procedures at the dentist that do the same thing but cost 300$ with more concentration of the chemicals so it works a bit better though.

  4. Sarah Oliphant says:

    I actually feel like the sugarbear hair gummies worked, tbh…Your hair looked so much longer after just a month! Maybe it’s the lighting, though.
    Also, I tried Babe Lash a while back, and it’s a much more expensive version of the lash serum, and after 3 months I had incredible results. But, since I stopped using it (too expensive for me atm) my lashes have reduced in size. Not sure how that works…but if you want to try it out the full 3 months, you’ll see results. I got compliments on my lashes all the time 🙂

    • Danielle Balanga says:

      Sarah Oliphant lashes fall out so I guess your serum strands have already died

    • Sarah Oliphant says:

      Danielle Balanga That makes perfect sense. That’s why you have to keep buying more serum…so I don’t like how the pegasus stuff advertised as if the results are permanent…which is very deceptive.

  5. Kiah Jackson says:

    Can you do this but only do the Kardashians.
    Like maybe try 1 item that each sister is sponsored to sell!

  6. Whitney says:

    I respect anyone that can confidently wear black lipstick I’d be worried all day if it was on my teeth

    • Ruby Ryan says:

      Whitney it’s dark purple

    • Oh Ha Neul says:

      Matte lipstick goes nowhere. If you’re wearing one with a bit of shine, just cleaning the ‘insides of your lip with your finger or a straw will help you be good to go. Only someone who puts a fuckton of lipstick will end up getting it on their teeth.

  7. Limelights! says:

    I have a major girl crush on you..!! The way you present yourself and your creativity with videos.. love it!! Can watch you all day long!! 😘

  8. Masa AG says:

    Youre the only youtuber that i watch the video and dont skip like 75% of it

  9. Toy Keyper says:

    Not a good idea to take laxatives for anything longer than a very short amount of time since your body can quickly become dependent on them

    • Killer Usagi says:

      Toy Keyper 🤤 are you serious?! That doesn’t sound fun…

    • Yukine Sekki says:

      Yeah, laxative addiction and dependency is VERY dangerous. Doctors and Pharmacists would never recommend using them for more than a few days, even if you’re severely constipated or blocked up. It kinda lines your intestines with a film and it’s generally not good at all. Miralax is honestly what i’d recommend if constipation is a thing you have, since it’s not a laxative but a stool softener ^^

  10. Amanda A. says:

    The amount of work she puts into this makes me wonder seriously what’s she’s working on at the same time as this video. That’s confusing but she’s amazing for being able to organize so well.

  11. M17 YF says:

    Constipated?! No problem buy some Teatox! No money!? No problem get some laxatives at your local store… Is cheaper. 😂

    • Mercedes Russell says:

      M17 YF it’s funny bc im staying home from school today bc my bowel movements another word for constipated the doctor told me I’m literally full if 💩

    • Mjlovechild15 says:

      Lololol they make money off those over priced useless products coz ppl swear they going to wake up fresh to def after.

  12. Raeann H says:

    I feel like those lashes looked thinner and less nourished after

  13. gabi says:

    i think your hair looked livelier, healthier and fuller after 30 days!! 😁

    but those treatment for lashes fucked up your eyelashes tbh :(((( its way longer before

  14. Heyla s97 says:

    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this or if you are planning on to continue to use the whitener for your teeth, but here are some directions on how to properly use them since they didn’t give out any.
    1. The “pair of two trays” are suppose to be dipped into hot water and be left there for at least 30seconds. Immediately after taking the trays out of the water put them in your mouth and bite down. This will take the shape of your teeth

    2. The syringes are suppose to be placed directly on your teeth. Put a small dot on each tooth then place the tray over your teeth.

    3. Lastly, you don’t have to hold the lights. Close your mouth then put the lights in front of your teeth. Then you can simply just wrap your lips around it

    Hope that helps!! 😊

    • Belinda Bennett says:

      Heyla s97 you actually have to put 1.5ml of the syringe on the tray…as That’s what mine sez 😀 and do top and bottom separately? I havnt actually used it yet though. Not sure I’m going to now cuz it can rot your teeth off x

    • Marinthe de Bokx says:

      you should put the serum/syringe fluid into the tray and evenly spread it 🙂 if you put a dot on each tooth it will just whiten that and you will definitely have patches

    • Cristy C. says:

      No you have the put the syringe fluid into the tray evenly but u are right about everything else

  15. Levi Casillas says:

    i love how sayifa’s videos arent just made in 1 hour they are made over days,weeks and even months, this is the best channel for quality content

  16. Ramya B says:

    She actually got a spin wheel for this 😂
    Her level of commitment 👏🏽 💯

  17. Katie says:

    *Smacking Perfume*

  18. _Superrachel says:

    I actually feel like your lashes looked better before… to me they looked shorter after…

  19. Ana Davidson says:

    I actually had been noticing that lately your hair looked amazing, and suprisingly long in not much time, so i think those gummy bears did do something good ❤

  20. hopelovestyler says:

    get peagafied

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