I built a GIANT MEATBALL in Minecraft (emotional)

I built a GIANT MEATBALL in Minecraft (emotional)

We build redstone epicly in minecraft
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Animation: https://www.youtube.com/user/jae55555
Song: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3e8EMTOn4g6ZSKggHTnNng

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51 Responses

  1. Vince says:

    Damn, that Swedish meatball is bigger than my dreams.

  2. JustAnotherAccount says:

    Next update :
    Notch creates armour for sheeps

  3. Qintz says:

    8:13 when the chicken made those duck sounds in response to felix talking it somehow made me burst out laughing wtf has happened to my humor

  4. water sheep road to 10,000 subs says:

    it is the first episode where Pewds didnt give melons to Joergens memorial

    *One like equals one melon to Joergen :(*

  5. iT iS fUlL oF cUrRy says:

    CORDS: X- 275 | Y- 62 | Z- -599

    You can see him at 15:49 bottom right of the boat. A lil bt away but f you look closly u can see.

  6. Sean Enwright says:

    Can we get a prayer for Water Sheep. R.I.P Water Sheep, Episode 1 – Episode 14

  7. ethereal goddess says:

    Pewdiepie: “Isn’t that right, chicken?”
    CHicKEn: “QUACK”

  8. Targetaim 99 says:


    Is it me or did I notice that Joergen 2
    Went toward pewds and hug him

  9. Jose Alonso says:

    Felix: I see the evil in his eyes
    Chicken: Turns around

  10. EvBis says:

    *Pewds:* *_makes a giant meatball for watersheep_*
    *Also Pewds:* *_has a video dedicated to torturing and killing watersheep_*

  11. CupcakeMcFrost says:

    I’ve never seen a man get so excited over finding his horse-
    God bless PewDiePie

  12. Gabe Jenny says:

    Dinnerbone was truly the most epic gamer because he could do the stanky leg upside down while giving rides to Pewds- Rip dinnerbone 2019

  13. Sami Ali Özdemir says:

    his goddamn seed is 609567216262790763, take it. credits to the epic teams that did this.

  14. 50k subs with no videos challenge says:

    *Game theory, the person who killed water sheep wasn’t pewds, but actually mary ham in disguise*

    _read my name_

  15. Luke Ruggiero says:

    Pewds: enough playing around we got stuff to do
    Also pewds: makes a water sheep cult

  16. Egg with 20000 subscribers says:

    Felix: If Sven dies, this series is over
    Also Felix: Takes Sven to every dangerous place

  17. I find Anime Hot says:

    Who else thought Sven was going to die in the elevator.

  18. N N says:

    What YouTube is trending Pewdiepie 2 days in a row???!!!

    *There is finally peace on earth*

  19. Yiannis M says:

    PEWDIEPIE: Should I make another Mindcraft video?
    ME: Sure keep them coming 😀
    *GetPaidHome. Com*

  20. Sub to pay respect to water sheep!!! says:

    Pewdiepie: I can build a whole meatball monument…
    Also Pewdiepie: Can’t build diamond armor for himself??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

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